I Need Your Help, Interweb

Okay. So you see this picture right here?

Do you see this? Why is my computer doing this? My Finder window. My menu bars. My desktop items. Everything.

Do you see? What is wrong with my computer? I have never had an issue with my Mac before. And then, out of the clear blue sky, I am riddled with blocky A’s. Also, the silent screams in my head are killing me, because every time I look at one of these, I keep going “AAAAAAAAAAA!!!” and I can’t stop doing it.

I have so much to write about, including pictures of twin dinosaurs looking at cherry blossom trees in Central Park. But I can’t concentrate because of this problem!

Both for my sanity and my notebook, please help me. Fix my Mac.

I’m so sad right now

*I also tried restarting. And remember, my finder window does not have consonants, which can cause a problem when trying to sound out simple and complex words. However, System Preferences does, as do some other applications. I’m going to slip further down the already slippery slope towards insanity I have created for myself if this isn’t fixed.

**But seriously. Help me fix this. Even if you have to forward this to friends and eDorks fill up my inbox with theories. Help.


3 Responses to “I Need Your Help, Interweb”

  1. djkibblesnbits Says:

    Try doing the following:

    Open up the program, “Font Book” and then look in the column called “Fonts”. Any font/family denoted with a “*” beside it is duplicated, which can cause issues on occasion. Select one of these bad fonts, and then go into the “Edit” menu and select “Resolve duplicates”. Continue until they’ve all been resolved.

    If that doesn’t work, try this:

    Click on each faulty font and select the “File” menu, and go to “Validate font.”

    If none of those help, you just might have take the boot disk that came with your Mac and do a “archive and install.” It’s not really a solution, but hey, it’ll get the job done.

    Personally, if the Font Book stuff doesn’t work, I would just take the Mac to the nearest Apple Store and have those “Genius Bar” people deal with it. They’ll do it for free, so you might as well take advantage.

    As far as where the hell I popped out of, I’ve actually been a casual reader of yours ever since you decided to whore out your blog link back in one of our mutual classes SU… I figured now was as good a time as any to finally show up, lol.

    So, I hope the Font Book thingy takes care of your issue. Let us know how it turns out. :-)

    -Ray, ex Apple Campus Rep for SU. :-D

  2. Jeff Hunter Says:

    Yeah, I’d say either font or virus. (Mac’s get viruses, right?)

  3. Betty. Says:

    Go to the genius bar at your local apple store. Make them do it. For free. :)

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