Don’t Think Less Of Me

One of the ways in which I am very strange is how I react to different types of situations. For example, I get angry if someone disrespects a friend, displays huge amounts of ignorance or if I find out the stall that I have claimed as my own in the bathroom is either occupied or dirty. Irrational anger? Yes. But it still happens.

I also get wicked happy about random stuff. Sunny days. Political bitch slaps. Oh. And movie releases.

Can we talk about this for just a moment? About how I am honestly moving around my schedule [and let’s be serious now, I’ve no schedule other than that job thing] to be able to see this movie on the day that it comes out? And how, when Harry Potter and the Deadly Gallows is released, I can picture myself becoming a recluse just to reread the entire series?

And how [as before] became giddy at the mere thought of GOING to the theatre to see this movie, nevermind actually watching it? If I didn’t know what exactly was causing me to freak the hell out right now, I might be inclined to think I ingested illegal narcotics.


One Response to “Don’t Think Less Of Me”

  1. Kelicious Says:

    oh my god, i just watched the trailer TWICE! I’m so excited, i’m going to the 12:01 showing!

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