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Just So You Know

May 27, 2009

A few people have asked me what the hell is going on in the below pictures. It’s from the iPhone app, Terminate Me. With this app, you take pictures of people and then BAM, you can turn yourself into a Connor killing mofo. I know I’m easily amused, but this will be something you love.

Click here to go and download the app. It’s free, so why not.

My Face Is Itching

May 26, 2009

John Terminator #2

So here’s the deal. I’m just gonna stop at CVS real quick to pick up some SPF 30, because you know what the sun does to my skin. Then destruction and mayhem and whatevs. Cool?

Hey, It’s Future John!

May 26, 2009

John Terminator #1

Oh, you know. Just here to destroy your future and stuff.

I Feel So Bad

May 14, 2009

For the past few hours, all I could think about was how I tagged the last post as “Music”, because of Spencer Pratt’s new single. And really, I should have had a completely different tag, like “Aural Raping” or something, because it’s not music.

And I just wanted to say sorry for that.

I’m So Sorry For Doing This To You

May 14, 2009


I know I’ve been a pretty horrendous blogger the past couple months. But I can’t steal internet at home anymore, and I’ve just been too busy and cheap to buy it on my own.

And I’m totally aware, you guys, that my first post has a big ol’ picture of Spencer Pratt slapped on it. And from deep down in my soul, I have to apologize, because you all deserve so much better than that.

But hear me out.

So one of my big dreams is to be in a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts somewhere, waiting in line to get a coffee and maybe a bagel or something else awesome like that. The line is long, but moving along nicely, when all of the sudden Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag just saunter up to the front of the line, cutting us all.

Jesus hates line cutters, you guys.

So I tell them “Excuse me, but you can’t cut everyone. You gotta get to the end of the line.” So they’re all, “Do you know who we are?!”, as if their pseudo stardom was a passport for them to cut me. America runs on Dunkin’, not douches. So I tell them “Yes, I know who you are. Which is just another reason for you to go to the back of the line” and then the crowd cheers and I get a free coffee.

I don’t know about you, but in terms of dreams, I think this is a pretty solid one.

Anyways, the whole reason I bring this up and drag you through it is because of this interview Complex did with Spencer. Getting through this interview is pretty painful, because all you want to do is punch Spencer in the gut and hold a mirror up to him in hopes that he’ll realize how his life is nothing but ridiculous.

Not only that, but they have his new rap song. Sooo I’ve basically given up on music all together, because obviously nothing worthwhile is ever happening again.

So enjoy, I guess.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – Michael Emerson, Part 2 (4/16/09)

April 21, 2009
Work has been ridiculous lately, so I apologize for the lack of posts recently. I’ve actually started calling work “lover” because it makes me feel less guilty about all the time I spend with it. And the unnecessary brutal nights.

That aside, watch this video. I’ve seen like, 4 episodes of Lost, and even I can grasp how freaking awesome this is.


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March 30, 2009

Have you guys heard of Omegle? It’s like what the internet was like back in 1996, when you would go into some America Online chat room and become best friends with someone because their screen name was wicked clever, but the relationship never really went anywhere because you were too afraid of possibly being killed. But you still miss those chats with strangers, right? Because I hope I’m not the only one…

Anyways, these random conversations are blowing my mind, and I’ll most likely be logging on all the time, just so I can have something fun and awesome to post.



March 25, 2009

One of my reps recently got a Shiba Inu puppy, named Shiba. He may not have the most innovative name, but he sure is freaking cute.


I gave him that frog when he came to my office for a visit. Which basically means I’m like, his uncle who will take care of him one day if something were to ever happen to his owners [GOD forbid, because that would be horrendously sad…but I would have Shiba to help me get past the pain].

Freakin’ Cute

March 5, 2009


The other day, this little pup was in the lobby of my office building. My co-worker, Terence, bought him for his kids as a surprise.

Guys. Do you want to hear the most ridiculously awesome thing you’ve heard all day?! DO YOU?! Ok. Terence wanted the kids to name the puppy, and when he came in the next day, you know what he told us?

His kids named the puppy Andrew.


Bookmark this page if you ever feel sorry about your life or sad about your existence. Andrew will cheer you right up.

PS Andrew likes to cuddle and you can hold him in one hand. That’s what she said. But seriously, he’s a toy and I want to hug him all day.

Facilities Manager Makes A Funny

March 3, 2009


Taking a cue from the Fedex commercial and our goal to be ever greener,  our office has instituted Nordic Mondays.

Every Monday from now until Spring heat will not be provided at our offices.

Just kidding… We are working on the heating situation.