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Yeah, Obsessed With High Fives

August 28, 2009

I don’t know why, but to me, high fives are the best thing in the history of ever. I’m pretty sure that if you spoke to any co-workers, friends, acquaintances or strangers I pass drunkenly in the street, they would tell you my obsession with high fives borders on unhealthy. At the very least it’s in the realm of fucking annoying.

Anyways, the whole point is that I love high fives. And I totally should have come up with this t-shirt like, generations ago. Ugh, I’m so pissed with myself.

High Five to the Face

Careful About Not Dying From This Post

August 27, 2009

My cousin Billy and his wife Karen had their second baby just over two weeks ago. I want to warn you all right now, that William is the most adorable fucking baby existing in the world today. If your mind explodes due to raw, unfiltered cuteness, it’s not my fault.

This was when he was first born. He came out with the hat already on his head. He’s wicked talented.










You can’t tell, but this is me holding him. He loves me. All babies do.

Picture 7









LOOK AT HOW HE EATS!!! It’s too freaking adorable. It’s like he is just SO EXCITED to have that bottle of boob milk, his little infant emotions can’t contain themselves, so he just lies there, flabbergasted at how good that shit is.










This is Olivia. She’s about 2 years older than her brother and her laugh lights up the lives of all around her. I can’t take it sometimes.










I hope you’re all okay and not dead due to overdosing on cuteness. You probably just made it, huh? Barely survived that onslaught? WELL BAM!










My friend Danielle’s dog, Brody! Oh man. Too much cute. Sorry if I overdid it.

This Blows My Mind

June 4, 2009

So the woman who created this [ps I’m obsessed with you now, Avoidant Consumer aka Sarah] had this on her blog. The guy from The Rotten Tomatoes Show on current is John Krasinski’s twin!


Do you know what this means?!

My chances have doubled.

Freakin’ Cute

March 5, 2009


The other day, this little pup was in the lobby of my office building. My co-worker, Terence, bought him for his kids as a surprise.

Guys. Do you want to hear the most ridiculously awesome thing you’ve heard all day?! DO YOU?! Ok. Terence wanted the kids to name the puppy, and when he came in the next day, you know what he told us?

His kids named the puppy Andrew.


Bookmark this page if you ever feel sorry about your life or sad about your existence. Andrew will cheer you right up.

PS Andrew likes to cuddle and you can hold him in one hand. That’s what she said. But seriously, he’s a toy and I want to hug him all day.

Sorry, Chantelles Of The World

February 13, 2009

My boss and I are obsessed with the discovery of the recent 15 year old mom and 13 year old dad

Chan: did you like how the girl’s name is Chantelle?

Me: i think the girl’s name couldn’t be anything other than Chantelle

Chan: I’ve never met a Chantelle I’ve liked

Me: i’ve never met a Chantelle that wasn’t pregnant by 15

Give Me

November 12, 2008

This is totally old news by now, but whatever. I need to get out of my system how in love I am with these Shiba puppies.

He knows we're watching!

He knows we're watching!

Look at those fucking puppies and tell me your heart isn’t just exploding due to cuteness overload. Only a soulless banshee could refuse the face of that puppy!

They’ve been on a live video stream for the past week or so, and can I tell you that I keep the window minimized at work and the volume turned up so that if I hear one of they bark, I can check on them? I’m grossly obsessed with these puppies. From a mental health standpoint, I’m fairly sure I’m out in the deep end. On the flip side, though, watching puppies during the work day is fan-freaking-tastic. I don’t care how horrible you’re day is, if you tune in and just watch them for 2 minutes you will be a happier human being. I promise you.

Head on over here to watch the live stream, read their names, check out some pictures and find out their most recent weight. So basically, if you’re a sick puppy stalker like me, go on and make it your homepage.

Time Waster Tuesday – Hulu

July 22, 2008

Online video, you guys.

Seriously, it has come so far recently. Remember the days when you would Google for hours and hours, just to see if you could find some dumb TV show you forgot to record? And when you finally found what you thought you were looking for on YouTube, it just ends up being a series of clips put together by some fan with Japanese techno crazy music as a background?

And God. I don’t even want to think of the number of times I accidentally stumbled upon some freak fetish foot wrestling video starring a wannabe porn star and an overly excited midget. I don’t even know how to LINK the key words involved in that search with ‘The Office’ and ‘Season 3’. Unless it’s some sort of Easter egg on the dvd. I’ll have to check that out.

Either way, online video has become my new favorite time waster. If the roommate has the TV to watch ‘Daughters In The Garden Of Youth’ on Lifetime, then I just go online. And BAM sucka! TV.

Hulu is my favorite provider, because they have so much stuff it’s ridiculous. AND MOVIES! They have movies, too. The other night, I watched The Secret of NIMH. That immediately makes this the coolest site ever. Because come on. Secret of NIMH.

I also got to catch up on episodes of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Which, in case you haven’t had a chance to see any episodes, this is your excuse to do so now. Because the show is like, if the Friends cast were comprised of asshats, were on acid, and were completely and totally immoral.

That is what this show is. Asshat Friends on Acid.

This is my favorite scene from the 3rd season of the show. The gang is being held hostage by the creepy McPoyle brothers they went to high school with. Dee and Dennis [brother and sister] begin to doubt that the brothers McPoyle will harm them at all, and consider escape. Then Dee comes down with Stockholm Syndrome.

Oh yeah. And you can embed clips on your blog to start and stop where you fucking want. It’s like you’re some sort of Greek video god that none of the ancient Greeks ever learned to appreciate.

Commence wasting your life, inter-kids.

Time Waster Tuesday – Buzzfeed

July 15, 2008

One of the things that I check [almost] as obsessively as my email and facebook, is BuzzFeed.

You’ve probably seen it on sidebars of blogs and in links sent your way. BuzzFeed provides me with most of the links I forward on to people on a daily basis, some of which I post here.

So not only does it provide me with some of the best articles to read and videos to watch during the day, but links to other blogs and sites writing about that same topic. Which I obviously read, and more often than not find more links to read…

And now I’ve been plunged face first into a never ending vortex of links. It’s like being suffocated by awesomeness.