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So Eloquent

June 9, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Jon Armstrong has been interviewing his dog, Chuck, on various political topics. And I love it.

But what I’m really excited to see are the videos of Chuck caught in compromising situations, like smoking weed or gallivanting around gay bars. Wiggle your way out of that, smooth talker.

You Know I’m All Over This

June 3, 2009


Any excuse to fist bump everyone that enters my life today is a good excuse. Thanks, Obama!

(via Buzzfeed)

Going Over The Line

February 24, 2009
Rapelay cover and in-game screenshots

Rapelay cover and in-game screenshots

So this is on the cover of the New York City Metro. It’s about a video game called Rapelay, where “…players take the role of a pervert who, after an arrest for molestation, sexually assaults the young woman he first attacked, along with her mother and younger sister”.

Are you fucking kidding me?! I mean, I know video games always have [and always will] push the envelope when it comes to what is considered appropriate. Consider the Grand Theft Autoseries. This is a franchise where killing hookers and car-jacking everyday citizens is encouraged. But I think there is a big difference between GTA and this game.

When it comes to any GTA game, there really isn’t any type of violence or profanity that can’t be seen on any cable station or rated R movie. So, just like a rated R movie, there needs to be some sort of discretion over who is allowed to play video games with questionable content.

It takes a certain level of maturity to deal with situations concerning graphic violence towards another human being. And when it comes to rape, a particularly violent crime that affects the victim physically, mentally and emotionally, that maturity level needs to be higher.

The problem with a game like this is that it taps into [almost global?] condition of mistreatment towards women. The idea that woman are objects or less than men is something that many people do not ever disregard. It’s a cultural problem that hardly needs the help of a video game that plays into the rape fantasies of creeps the world over.

Not only that, but by playing Rapelay, you’re being forced to accept and participate in the twisted beliefs of a serial raper. In GTA, for example, there is a whole story surrounding your actions, causing you to sympathize with the character. And while your actions may be violent and immoral, it comes within the context of a story [I’m reminded of something like The Godfather trilogy]. However, learning to sympathize with a rapist? Very dangerous territory.

Evidently, this game is only sold in Japan, and e-commerce sites, such as Amazon and eBay, are removing the game from their inventory. But we all know this will hardly limit the sale of the product in any country with working wifi.

What are your viewpoints? Is this an issue of free speech, where only those people mature enough should play this game, or is this crossing the line into something unsafe and unacceptable?

Or Maybe The Marvelous Maw Of Life?

February 19, 2009

This isn’t something I often think about, so I was kind of shocked when I came across it yesterday. But apparently there has been quite a bit of discussion started by journalist Annalisa Barbieri over at the Gaurdian.

What should we tell our daughters to call their vaginas?

Throughout the article, different women give suggestions for what they use as a code name for the vadge. And at the end , a helpful list of terms is given to the reader to help them pick out a new, more exciting name for your kid’s vagina. Terms like Snooky, Minnie, Pinky Bo-Bo and Doris. You know, sensical terms.

Intern Katy over at Jezebel took the words right out of my mouth. Vagina. Call it a vagina for fuck sake. I’m pretty sure that vagina has been working pretty smoothly up until now, and I think changing it to Doris will only cause confusion and frustration and awkward moments. Can you imagine porns?

Oh yeah, baby, I’m gonna tear your Pinky Bo-Bo up!

It sounds like this man is threatening to destroy a little girl’s doll. Not sexy.

I just don’t understand the reasoning behind any of this. I grew up calling my penis my ‘privates’, but I think I always knew it was really called a penis. But even that was a shy issue.

From here on out, I’m just going to start referring to penises and vaginas as celebrity names. I think it is classy, funny and worthwhile of my time.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve been typing for quite awhile and need to take Alec Baldwin for a leak.

Sorry, Chantelles Of The World

February 13, 2009

My boss and I are obsessed with the discovery of the recent 15 year old mom and 13 year old dad

Chan: did you like how the girl’s name is Chantelle?

Me: i think the girl’s name couldn’t be anything other than Chantelle

Chan: I’ve never met a Chantelle I’ve liked

Me: i’ve never met a Chantelle that wasn’t pregnant by 15

He’s Got Policy Goals And Half Priced Leather Goods

February 3, 2009

Get ready, New York! It looks like we have a new front runner in the race to fill Hillary’s seat!

And I can just tell I’m going to agree with all his politics.

Buh-Buh-Bye, George!

January 26, 2009

Cute kids doing funny things is by far one of the greatest thing to happen to the internet. I could waste hours just watching babies laugh on YouTube. Hours.

If I ever have kids, I’m going to do this exact same thing and just teach them the funniest shit to say. I will be entertained for years, which is probably the perfect reason to get a kid in the first place.

Not Contextually Relevant

January 20, 2009

Right now, you can watch the inauguration activities live through Hulu. And it couldn’t make MORE sense to have the upcoming Kevin James film, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, sponsor this momentous event.


That’s not odd. That’s not odd at all.

In related news, if for whatever reason you’re the only person on Earth not watching some sort of news program or live feed [or are reading this blog instead…because why WOULDN’T you?!], go here┬áto find out if Barack Obama is president yet.

Today’s The Day

January 20, 2009

On November 4th, I attended an election party hosted by The Washington Post. There was a lot of fun to be had there, but the thing that [obviously] sticks out for me is the announcement that Barack Obama would be the next President of the United States of America.

While watching his acceptance speech, my friends and I stood there, arms wrapped around each others shoulders, crying out of happiness. Years from now, when my kids ask about this election for a school project, I hope that I’ll have found a way to convey into words the overwhelming volume of emotions that I experienced that night. Because even now, two months later, I can’t accurately describe the feeling of sharing that joy and excitement with so many people.

Today, Barack Obama officially becomes the 44th President of our country. I like to think that, when I’m old and gray, I can say with a smile that way back on January 20th of 2009, that’s the day when everything changed. When for the first time in my adult life, I felt confident in where we were going as a nation. When we, as a country, took a monumental step towards achieving a better life, a truer liberty and a total happiness.

I’m proud of this day.



November 24, 2008

I wash my hands thoroughly after EVERY bathroom visit. Because if you don’t, you’re a sicko. But it’s shit like this that makes me feel sick to my stomach. I can control my hygiene, and alter my life so that I am the cleanest person ever. All it takes, though, is for one of the “Uncleans” to touch me. And then BAM. Worm in my head.

Thinking about this is making my skin itch and my brain feel like it’s full of pork worms.

[via Buzzfeed]