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The Wall Of Hate

November 20, 2009

During college I was an RA. For three years. I was involved in a lot of different activities and programs on campus that lots of people pretty much avoided like a disease. And I pretty much enjoyed every single second of it. I was a huge residence life nerd, so what. I’m also an orange belt in karate, so there (I’m unsure about the relevance, as well…).

Anyways, one program that the university put on was something that my friend Tiffany and I couldn’t get over. It was called “The Wall of Hate”. Basically, it entailed people writing down oppressive terms on cinder blocks so that a wall could be made with them. That wall would then be torn down. You know, to symbolize the end of hate and stuff. So I guess, theoretically, we were trying to save the world.

(It’s ideas like this, you guys, that can solve the issues we’re finding ourselves in now. If only people would just realize…)

So Tiff and I decided to film the end of hate. It’s probably 10x better than you could even dream. I hope you enjoy it and feel less oppressed!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This Post Means I’m BFFs With Jack Black

February 17, 2009

So after Flickr was bought out by Yahoo a couple years back, I had to go through the hassle of signing in with a Yahoo! ID and what not. I won’t lie to you when I say that once I got my ID, I immediately forgot about it and haven’t logged in, used, or even seen the pictures I posted up there in like, years.

The other day I randomly found myself wondering if my account still existed or if maybe I could see my pictures. After hunting through emails and trying out a bazillion different username slash password combinations, I finally got into my account.

And oh my god, you guys. I shouldn’t have.


That’s my friend Katelyn and I with Jack Black and Laura Kightlinger. This was taken in the summer of 2003 when we volunteered for the first annual Boston International Film Festival. Take a look at that hot hemp necklace I’m rocking. So pimp.

This was the same festival where I was coerced into wearing a full body pig costume after the screening of Jack Milton: Fairy Tale Detective. The pig was a rapping pig, of course, so I had to take that into consideration when I danced down the aisles in front of a theatre full of people and stood on stage next to the director, producer and so forth.

Needless to say, I’ll be do less hunting for that photo.

I Forgot To Ask To See His Tongue

November 17, 2008

Last week I attended an awards luncheon for those who work in media. Those in attendance were welcomed with some drinks, a really nice lunch and an awards presentation. The winners received recognition in the industry, an award and some awkward time on stage to thank people.

Oh. And we all got to meet Gene Simmons. Because he hosted the event. Which totally makes sense and isn’t out of the ordinary at all.

On the schedule for the lunch, they listed Gene as a “Rock God and Media Mogul”. Which seems silly to me because I’ve always just viewed him as that KISS member with the unnervingly long tongue. Which I suppose is more than enough cred needed to attain “Rock God” status, but the media mogul part still had me a bit in the dark.

Gene Simmons & Gene Simmons' tongue

Gene Simmons

During his speech, though, he let us all know how wide spread KISS is, in almost every single way. They have everything from lunch boxes to t-shirts. And, as he made me aware, condoms and caskets. “We get ’em when they’re coming and we get ’em when they’re going”, Gene told the audience.

So after presenting awards to all the winners [my boss included!] and making thinly veiled innuendos towards all the blondes in the audience, the luncheon ended and most people began to head back to work. Most people.

Myself and two co-workers decided that the one thing we were missing in our lives was a picture with Gene Simmons. And if we only had this picture, then our lives, they would be set. So we fought our way up on stage, making our boss wait at the table, and snapped this little piece of history.

Gene & The Gang

Gene & The Gang

What I found funny was that throughout the entire meal, he didn’t wear those sunglasses. Then, as soon as he walked on stage, they appeared on his face out of nowhere. KISS magic. It’s crazy.

Give Me

November 12, 2008

This is totally old news by now, but whatever. I need to get out of my system how in love I am with these Shiba puppies.

He knows we're watching!

He knows we're watching!

Look at those fucking puppies and tell me your heart isn’t just exploding due to cuteness overload. Only a soulless banshee could refuse the face of that puppy!

They’ve been on a live video stream for the past week or so, and can I tell you that I keep the window minimized at work and the volume turned up so that if I hear one of they bark, I can check on them? I’m grossly obsessed with these puppies. From a mental health standpoint, I’m fairly sure I’m out in the deep end. On the flip side, though, watching puppies during the work day is fan-freaking-tastic. I don’t care how horrible you’re day is, if you tune in and just watch them for 2 minutes you will be a happier human being. I promise you.

Head on over here to watch the live stream, read their names, check out some pictures and find out their most recent weight. So basically, if you’re a sick puppy stalker like me, go on and make it your homepage.

Risque Adventures

October 22, 2008

Last Friday night, I ended up at a burlesque bar down on the lower east side. I don’t remember how we got there, but I’m like, 100% confident it was all my doing.

I’ve never been to a burlesque show, but walking in all I could think was “I’ve been to strip clubs, and I’ve seen plenty of drag shows. This’ll be cake”. You guys, those are totally famous last words. Because if you say something along the lines of how easy a certain task will be, it will so turn out to be a shit show in the end. And if you say something along those lines while going to something like a burlesque bar, then you’re just gonna get all types of mentally F’d in the A.

It started off simple enough, with a topless woman swaying to a song for about 6 minutes. Standard for the course, I’d say. Then an androgynous looking woman got up on stage in short shorts and a small, tight tube top and just danced for what seemed like 20 minutes. This would have grown boring real fast, if it weren’t for the man in the thong wearing a vest, a fez and monkey ears, hopping around the bar and picking fleas out of people’s hair. He added that interesting, artistic touch the performance so desperately craved.

Between acts, this guy dressed as an angelcupid…in a diaper would just talk to the crowd. About what I have not a clue, because it was too difficult to pay attention due to the fact that there was a 34 year old wasted baby on stage, but he kept most people engaged.

After a couple hours [yes, I was there that long] I got comfortable. Inter-kids, word of warning. Never EVER get comfortable at a burlesque bar.

This woman in a long, red dress walked up on stage with a wine or champagne bottle in her hand. Music started playing, and she stood there swaying back and forth to the beat. The more she got into the song, the more she got out of her clothes, until she was holding the bottle in one hand and just casually danced to the music while being all types of naked. If it weren’t for the nudity, she could be that lady who dances at the GAP while looking at v-neck sweaters.

However, all fantasies of dancing GAP lady exploded all over the place when the lady took the narrow part of the bottle and put it all up into her vagina house for a visit. Then, with the other hand, she began knocking at her own front door.

This lasted all of 4 seconds, and then her set ended. People clapped and began chatting with their friends and I began picking up the ruined pieces of all that is good and decent in my world. Not because I was offended or anything, but rather because I had not expected anything close to this to happen in my presence. The only comparison I can think of is you’re heading out to the post office and, I don’t know, a lady shoves a wine bottle all up in her business instead. Something like that.

What I wonder about now, though, is something far more worrying. What happens to the bottle? It was totally full, so was it thrown away? Or was she totally thinking something like “This pinot noir will be so tasty with some pasta” and just put it up on her fridge? Will she share it with friends? And if so, as the night begins and the bottle is opened, does the conversation start with “Here’s a funny story…”

A Little Like 8 Mile, But Without The Emimen Related Nausea

October 21, 2008

Last night I went to go see a one-man hip-hop musical down at The Duke called Clay.

The story goes like this. A little boy struggles through his parents’ divorce and subsequent family struggles with little success, until several years later, he stumbles into a book store in Brooklyn. The talented and tragic wordsmith who works there, Sir John, takes the quiet kid under his wing and molds him into the most talented Jewish rapper to come out of Westchester.

I shit you not.

Matt Sax in Clay

Matt Sax in Clay

A little bit of transparency on this? I totally thought I would uncomfortably laugh all the way through this thing. First, just the mention of a “one man show” gives me that horrible feeling of being so embarrassed for what’s happening that I want to just crawl into a corner and die a quick death, preferably with a bag over my head so no one can tell it was me in attendance.

Secondly, hip-hop musical? Sure, okay. Also, my toe nail clippings attack neighbors in the night and leave them with irritating, half-moon marks all over their bodies. Because that sounds just as likely to successfully happen, right?

Well, this post would be in poor taste if the answer was “You betcha” (Sarah Palin, you twat, you’ve ruined that phrase forever).

The show was actually really, really good. After getting over the initial adjustment of what character the actor, Matt Sax, was playing (which took all of 7 minutes), I got really into the music and performance. The music was great, the rapping and beat boxing were on point and Matt Sax did a pretty awesome job keeping the audience entertained.

WHICH, by the way, was no easy feat, because about half of the audience was over the age of 50 and most likely only endure the upbeat musical stylings of Kenny G. And only if it’s a Friday night and they’re having a wine cooler with dinner.

But, in hindsight, that added to the awesomeness of the show. Not Kenny G (NEVER Kenny G), but rather the fact that so many different people were in the audience to check this show out. And let me tell you, it ended with a standing ovation.

A few reasons to see the show? Well, it’s different, and you would so totally be the just coolest cat in your crew if you were all “I went to a hip-hop musical” and all they could say is how they hung out at that same lame bar on the lower east side. Also, the show is part of LCT3, which is the Lincoln Center Theater’s emerging program meant to give voice to emerging playwrights, directors and designers. Which is just pretty much awesome.

You can read more about Clay and watch some videos here, and head on over and buy some tickets for just $20 here. Hurry up, though, the show ends Nov. 8th.

The Showtime House

October 15, 2008

Last night, my friend Ryan and I attended a party at the Showtime House in Gramercy Park hosted by Thrillist. And let me just tell you guys, the place was utterly amazing.

A $20m, four floor, 19th century mansion was renovated with different Showtime series as the inspiration for the rooms. Click here for a video about the process, where each designer speaks about their task, as well as what show acted as their inspiration.

The house was nothing but spectacular. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to attend many different events throughout NYC, but none compared to what was offered here at the Showtime House. Ryan and I both took a lot of pictures, which I’ll post here in a few days, but here are a few of my favorites taken from the site…

Californication Study

The chandelier is made entirely of paperclips, creating a very intricate shadow on the ceiling when lit at night.

Californication Book Tower

Californication Book Tower

The tower in the back is comprised of books stacked in circular, brick pattern.

Weeds Lounge

Weeds Lounge

I was told that this room is 80% hemp, with the screen made of rolling papers and the artwork hung with roach clips.

Dexter Dining Room

Dexter Dining Room

Both chandeliers are made from wine glasses. Blood is splattered strategically across the entire white dining room, with vials of blood as the centerpieces.

You should definitely go to the Showtime House site to check out more pictures and learn more about each of the rooms. And if you’re lucky enough to live in NYC or planning a trip here soon, you can go visit the house yourself. It’s open Saturdays and Sundays from 11am – 4pm until October 26th and is located at 23 Gramercy Park South. Tickets are $25, and all proceeds go to the Happy Hearts Fund.

Madonna Demands Your Respect

October 14, 2008

Sunday night I went to the Madonna concert at Madison Square Garden. And now I’m wondering who Madge has as friends, and why none of them told her she was 50 years old. Because I saw a lot of 50 year old lady running around in underwear with jump ropes. It was surreal.

Dancing on her chair

Dancing on her chair

That being said, the concert was pretty outrageous. Everything, from the dances to the costume changes, the special effects to the remixes [this one was amazing], was on point. The whole thing was pretty awesome. Until Madonna got all “wannabe deity” all over our asses.

Toward the last part of the concert, Madonna started this sing-a-long with the audience. Apparently, it was some song off of a previous album, but hell if most of the crowd knew that. Those who knew the song sang along, while those who didn’t just jumped around. This did not please The Madonna.

She started yelling at us! She told us we fucked things up, and how couldn’t we know the song?! We were such mother fuckers! Then she noticed that some people were sitting down. Sitting down? In front of The Madonna?! She asked them “Why are you sitting? Are you friends of Sarah Palin? Are you republicans? Stand up and show some respect!”

First off. Wow. Easy with the ‘tude, lady.

Secondly, I dislike Sarah Palin as much as the next rational person, but I hardly think that Sarah Palin supporters the nation over have decided to stand up and let their voices be heard by remaining seated during “Give It 2 Me”. Although, the Republican party really hasn’t done anything that could be considered more effective…maybe this could be a good path for them.

A little while later, she started yelling “This is what Sarah Palin’s husband’s snowmobile sounds like when it won’t start”, and then the music started to get choppy. And no, I have no idea what the hell that means.

After these divalicious moments, I expected Madonna to end her show my falling to her knees and screaming “Pray to me! PRAY TO ME!” but had to settle with “Like A Prayer”. But really, it’s only a matter of time till we’re worshipping The Madonna. One way, or another. Let’s be for real with one another on this one.

Are You Peeing Right Now?

October 9, 2008

David Blaine recently hung upside down for like, 3 days or something in Central Park, just a few blocks away from my office. And I’ll be honest with you, I really couldn’t care less. Some of his other stunts, like living in ice or underwater [like someone else I know], were so much cooler than this.

However, I don’t care what the subject is, where it’s taking place, or who ends up on the receiving end of the punchline. Any video with Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog, wins me over immediately.

If you have 11 minutes to spare, and don’t care if you end up embarrassing yourself with that type of laugh that takes away your breathe and makes you snort and turn red while at the office, then click here to watch Triumph mock a horde of Star Wars fans.

Time Waster Tuesday – The Olympics

August 12, 2008
The Olympics!
Chinese Drummers
Chinese Artists
Wire Dancers
(more Opening Ceremony images at

It’s fucking Cirque du Soleil and Harry Potter, you guys. All up in your face.

I’m freaking out on a daily basis. Things that I would never, EVER, in my normal life go hysterical over is now happening more often than I can handle. It’s like I’m going through some sort of heterosexual athletic-centric menopause, and my body and mind are just going crazy trying absorb as many events as possible.

With the amount of events, and the seemingly endless coverage coupled with the time difference, I get the feeling random events are happening every single hour of the day. Like, right now, people are fencing on horses while doing releases on the uneven bars. It’s crazy.

But because there is so much going on, it’s hard to keep up. For me, anyways. So that’s why you can waste your time with this!

Olympic Medal winners at NBC!

Or this!

2008 Olympics Video Coverage at NBC!

You can install these widgets [and others!] on every single social community, blog and desktop in your area. So you can now sit back and just refresh your page over and over again until you find out who wins that ribbon dancer event. I know it’s top of mind for me.

Seriously, it is. I can’t wait for that shit.