Careful About Not Dying From This Post

My cousin Billy and his wife Karen had their second baby just over two weeks ago. I want to warn you all right now, that William is the most adorable fucking baby existing in the world today. If your mind explodes due to raw, unfiltered cuteness, it’s not my fault.

This was when he was first born. He came out with the hat already on his head. He’s wicked talented.










You can’t tell, but this is me holding him. He loves me. All babies do.

Picture 7









LOOK AT HOW HE EATS!!! It’s too freaking adorable. It’s like he is just SO EXCITED to have that bottle of boob milk, his little infant emotions can’t contain themselves, so he just lies there, flabbergasted at how good that shit is.










This is Olivia. She’s about 2 years older than her brother and her laugh lights up the lives of all around her. I can’t take it sometimes.










I hope you’re all okay and not dead due to overdosing on cuteness. You probably just made it, huh? Barely survived that onslaught? WELL BAM!










My friend Danielle’s dog, Brody! Oh man. Too much cute. Sorry if I overdid it.

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