My Body Is In Shambles

Remember when I told you how earlier this week I went bowling? And I fucking OWNED it? Yeah, I could care less about that right now because my body is still screaming in agony.

My bowling hand is still aching so much, I don’t have the range of movement I normally do. My ass cheeks have a dull throb in them. My lower back is stiff and causes a lot of discomfort. I wouldn’t be surprised if I contracted some sort of flesh eating disease in the next few days or something, either. That is how horribly my body responded to a few hours of bowling.

So in an effort to make myself not pathetic, I’m teaming up with my friend Courtney and we’re going to gym it together [hopefully] 3 mornings a week. At 6:30. In the morning.

Not only do I not get up for another hour and a half, but I just know that my body will go freak shit and I’ll need medical attention by noon on gym day 1. I just feel it.

God, I have the constitution of one of those fat babies on the Maury show.

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