This Is My Shit

I’m obsessed with giving high fives. You can ask anyone in my office or life or who has passed me on the street late at night while I’ve been intoxicated. Having the gift of high fives is God’s way of letting us know ‘Hey, I think about you, and it’s all nice things, too’.

Secret high five trick for you guys. If you stare at the other person’s elbow you’re high fiving, you won’t miss the high five. In fact, BOTH of you could stare at the other person’s elbow, and you’d still make the high five. I’m telling you, God WANTS us to high five. There is no other explanation for it.

High fives are that freaking awesome. End of story. High five!

via Buzzfeed


2 Responses to “This Is My Shit”

  1. dvalluzzi Says:

    Awesome! My friends and I used to see how many waves we could get from people we passed. We had a “hi” sign, and we would show it, hoping to get a wave back…lol

    Just wanted to say cool stuff man.

    -Giraffe Speak

  2. Tim Says:

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