Slowly Pushing The Envelope

One of my co-workers received two enormous boxes the other day. No return address, no note attached, nothing. Just two huge boxes that when opened, revealed about 40 pairs of gorilla slippers.

I know, you guys, I freaked out too. You can’t buy that type of happiness. Or I guess in this case you could, and in this case happiness is priced at 40 pairs of gorilla slippers.

So of course I have a pair, internet. And the first thing I do when I get into work is slip into my ultra comfortable gorilla slippers and work through the rest of the day. Meetings, lunch, status calls…I wear them most everywhere.


The eventual plan is to incorporate as much sleep wear into my work wardrobe as possible, slowly morphing from my comfortable work attire of jeans and sweaters into an even more comfortable t-shirt, robe and pajama bottoms ensemble.

Maybe someday even naked Fridays!

Baby steps, John. Baby steps.

photo courtesy of Gillian

2 Responses to “Slowly Pushing The Envelope”

  1. Gillian Says:

    Maybe one day Bring your snuggie to the office day!

  2. Joolie Says:

    Holy crap. That has got to be the best mail ever.

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