I Will Fight You, Small Child

My belief is a very simple one. When I meet a celebrity, they will all the sudden realize how imperative I am to their lives, and they will want to adopt me as a best friend, confidant and money-pourer-into. It really isn’t a demanding wish, just something that will enable me to be the best I can be. And the ‘best I can be’ is more than likely related to how many celebrities want me on their dodgeball team. You know, the games they play where the winner gets a free extra wing on thier house and the loser has to fund the next episode of ‘Home Makeover’. Really, it’s fairly routine.

Then I see this garbage, and  I realize that my destined celebrity status was nothing more than lies. Lies, and maybe poorly advised college career counsiling. That upsets me mainly for ONE reason…

I’m HOW OLD and this little child of a boy gets celebrity coverage [aka Obama]?? That makes me cringe….but only half as much as the video. That this little boy had recess, a chicken nugget lunch, finished they’re spelling assignment, and then proceeded to become besties with the president-elect.

Long story short? Little boy, I’ll totally fight you. Let’s do it to it.

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