It’s Time For A Change!

Ladies and gents, this blog is moving!

Let me tell you why. The other day, I decided to change up the sidebar on the right here. I was planning on adding some blogs, changing the order, and deleting the Google search ads.

I deleted the ads, something that I thought would be easy and no fuss. I saved the template, continued with my day, and went back to the blog to finish some other stuff.

Lo and behold, deleting Google search ads from my site made the entire thing go crazy askew.
Do you see how the header and the content are off kilter? Do you see why this would drive me to scratch out my eyes and cry like a baby while moving through line after line of html code? It’s enough to make me move my entire blog somewhere else.

So I did!

This is officially my last post on blogger. You can find me over at my new WordPress blog, which so far, has been incredible. The best way to describe it to you is by comparing my life when using a PC laptop, and then changing to my iBook. Everything is easier, cleaner and much more intuitive.

It will be a little while until everything is completely finished on the new blog. I need to re-embed all the videos I posted here [ugh], add tags to all the posts [kill me] and all the other little upkeep items that go along with switching blogs.

But doing this now means so much less work in the future. Moving to WordPress will make it easier when I finally move to my own URL and have a custom designed site.

So, fare thee well, Blogger. Hello WordPress!

One Response to “It’s Time For A Change!”

  1. Flubberwinkle Says:

    So far the switch looks to have gone smoothly and
    ooh-la-la, can’t wait for the custom designed blog too!

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