People Actually Sat Down To Write This

My friend, Lauren, keeps a blog called The Sass Factory. Which is so totally titled to the tee [alliteration, high-five!] because the number of times I’ve had to say “Whoa there sass-pot!” are innumerous. Mostly because it’s an awesome saying, and you’ll win over anyone by using the term ‘sass-pot’ in your daily vocab. Go and try, I dare you.

Anyways, I was checking out her blog yesterday, and she was writing about her [wicked unhealthy] obsession with Christmas, and her need to start it as soon as Fall begins. Obviously, what else does one do when hooked on the Noel than go to IMDB and read facts on old movies like Rudolph and How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

That’s when she came across this…

by toplaycool (Sat Aug 23 2008 14:39:47)

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UPDATED Sat Aug 23 2008 14:40:49

The reason is because this year could be our last year of celebrating Christmas. That is if Barack Obama wins. Listen, Christmas and Liberal Democrats don’t go well together. They already want to get rid of Christmas, and you know whats stupid, they are celebrating it and we can’t! Although with Barack Obama, he is more of a Ramadan fan. Anyway, Im scared of Christmas going away. This is my favorite time of the year, and I hope it doesn’t get taken away. PLEASE vote for John McCain, if you want Christmas to stay.

by MrMackeyMmmkay (Sun Aug 31 2008 16:13:09)

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That’s a dumb thing to say. Just a really, really dumb thing to say. You can’t just make Christmas go away magically and no one has enough power to make it go away. The chaos that would be started because of Christmas being abolished would be catastrophic. Christmas will never go away.

by nestordonkey (Wed Sep 3 2008 13:52:15)

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I fear Obama too. He’s also a Muslim in which the chinese are. The chinese are just waiting for us to outlaw guns so they can attack us when we’re most defencless.


Um. Please tell me I’m not totally alone in thinking this is just the craziest breadbox of bat shit ever. Liberal Democrats trying to destroy Christmas? Radical Chinese conspirators trying to trick us into tossing our guns?

What the frick frack is wrong with people??

I fully place the blame on IMDB. Seriously, you guys, I would expect this type of low brow shit on a YouTube page or a MySpace wall, but YOU?? The Internet Movie Database?? I’m disappointed in you.

No, don’t touch me. No hugs, not yet. Just leave. And for the love of Christmas, bring those Netflix pop-ups with you.

One Response to “People Actually Sat Down To Write This”

  1. Lauren Says:

    AMAZING! Thank you for sharing that hullaballoo with your readers too. That really does teeter on that fine line between hilarious and frightening. I also am really fond of the phrase “craziest breadbox of bat shit ever”. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

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