I’ve Lots Of Problems, And I Don’t Know If This Counts

I know that there are seriously like, hundreds of things wrong with me. For real. Like, after I saw The Craft, I would try to cast spells on people who would tease me in school. Or I would try to change my eye color.

More disturbing yet, I thought I did [they got bluer].

More disturbing still, I’m fairly certain that it’s only a matter of times until my powers manifest. Seriously, Inter-kids. It could be just days…HOURS…away.

I also believe that my house back in Massachusetts has a ghost in it that goes up and down my hallway in a wheelchair, I randomly sing to friends over gchat and at times have been known to linger towards the uncomfortable zone when it comes to studying strangers on the subway. People have moved away from me.

But is it considered to be a bad thing if I’m on my second massive jug of Sunny Delight [the good stuff kids go for]? To be clear, I finished the first one in 2 days and left my house, went to the grocery store, and bought $25 worth of stuff to cover up the fact that I just came for the Sunny D.

Argh! This post is making me think of it’s delicious tangy-ness! I want it now!

And none of that purple stuff!


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