The Dark Knight Preview

The newest Batman movie has been getting a ton of press over the past several months, which was arguably doubled when Heath Ledger passed away. Now that movie critics have begun to view the film and scream it’s praises, there are talks of Ledger being a viable candidate for a posthumous Academy Award.

Below is a video of the first 5 minutes of The Dark Knight. If this doesn’t get you drooling over this movie, I don’t know what could be wrong with you.

I haven’t seen anything more than previews and this clip, but based upon the limited scenes I have had the chance to watch, the Joker is disturbing. It looks like Heath Ledger brought the character alive in a way that is more frightening and realistic than any other previous attempt. I will most definitely be in the theatres opening weekend.

UPDATE: The link has been taken down, so the preview is no longer available. Sorry everyone! You’ll just have to take it on my word that the video was amazing and would have inspired you to see the film.


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