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Hello Spunky Boy! Obama!

May 21, 2008

I’m not sure whether Obama and supporters can take this as an endorsement or an insult, but having had a parakeet, I can tell you that I would have an easier time sewing a sweater out of my own hair than teaching that damn bird to say what I wanted her to.

Although, after giving up her voice lessons, all we ended up saying around her was “Corky poo-pooed on [insert any person, place or thing here]!” So she went through her life only saying “Corky poo poo”. But that was more her fault than anybody.

You Should Probably Check This Out

May 18, 2008

If you’ve never been to Threadless, you should probably go and check it out. There are tons of cool t-shirts that are also pretty cheap. It’s pretty easy to become obsessed with the site only because they have ridiculous sales and tons of things you want to buy, and maybe…just MAYBE…you will end up spending way more money than you ever intended to because you just kept adding shirt after shirt to your shopping cart.

Because I did. And it’s kind of embarrassing racking up a bill that is more than your cable and phone combined. Just a little.

Another cool aspect of the site is that users can upload their own t-shirt designs. The rest of the community then votes on them, and if it does well enough and sells, then angels get their wings. I’m unsure about how this works out, but I imagine it is a lucrative deal for both parties.

Courtney’s boyfriend, Brian, recently submitted his first t-shirt design. So you should be supportive of both him and celestial beings and vote for his t-shirt here. You have to create a user name, but trust me, once you start voting on t-shirts etc you’ll keep going back.

And besides. $15 for a t-shirt? That’s pretty sweet.

You Knew I Have Obsessive Tendencies, Right?

May 14, 2008

I mentioned it a few weeks ago, but the summer concert series has started.

There are few things I love more than live music. I may or may not have droned on about this before. For me, the experience of seeing a band you know and enjoy perform music live, right in front of you, is sublime. I love hearing how the song is the same, different, better and even worse than what I have on my iPod, making something I know backwards and forwards something entirely different.

So on Monday night, Courtney and I went to go see Tegan and Sara at Terminal5. I’ve been listening to them for several years now, but had never seen them in concert until now. They’ve had four or five CDs released, that I know of, and have grown exponentially as artists, but whether I listen to their early stuff, or their new CD, I love it. Listen to some of their new stuff from The Con here

So needless to say, excited about the concert. And speaking of which?


Kick ass concert, you guys. And I’m not even going to go into why. Because you know what? Me telling you that their banter and jokes and stories are hilarious, or that their music is even better in person, or that they are just an Easter basket of awesomeness is not going to make you go see them. But you should.

What I DO want to go into is how I want to find a way to become best friends with both Tegan and Sara and do fun things with them like play Wii games and go to the movies and drink grown up drinks. Because they are that cool.

And I’m fairly certain that they’re pretty invested in becoming friends with me, because they said they’ll be back performing in NYC sometime this fall, and even though there were a few thousand people there, I’m kinda certain that they were letting me know specifically.

So yeah. I will be at every NYC concert from here on out. Sara. Tegan. Comment it up and let me know when we can hang. No pressure.

Nicole Just Sent Me This

May 14, 2008

Me: Nicole, what the hell is this.

Nicole: Isn’t it funny!

Me: I guess…

Nicole: It looks like he’s really saying it!

Good Decisions

May 14, 2008

While walking through Columbus Square today, I heard…

“And I was really pregnant then, so I thought ‘Maybe I won’t have a drink’.”

D.A.R.E. succeeds once again.

Yee Haw

May 10, 2008

Thursday night I went to Johnny Utah’s with a bunch of co-workers for an event. Every so often, a rep will through an event for agencies, just to have some fun.

Again, internets, this was Thursday. I am still in pain today. Today is Saturday. Realize my pain.

Let me bring in some details. Johnny Utah’s has some great food, great drinks, and a large mechanical bull in which I can ride atop and make a fool of myself in front of friends and strangers. Twice.

If you’ve never been mechanical bull riding, you have two choices. Go through your life pretending you’ve never even HEARD of this amazing awesome thing, or get super duper drunk and sit on a shag carpet covered machine and ride it hard.

And let me tell you, under the influence, there is nothing better than riding a fake bull operated by an underpaid bar back. Until you realize on Saturday afternoon that walking is painful, your inner thighs feel like they just spent days cracking bowling balls, and you saddle arm can’t properly hold a pen.

People. Seriously. I need to get my ass up and out to the gym more often than zero times a week and get myself in shape. Because this? This aching and pain and soreness? This should not be caused by a total of 3 intoxicated minutes on a fake bull.