Well I’m Shocked

Good News / Bad News

Good News: My phone not only arrived in tact, but there were no issues porting my old number and the Verizon guy waived all fees at the store when I went to set it up and move over numbers because I made fun of a difficult customer to her face.

Bad News: I lost my personal bet and now have to call up Wal-Mart and cancel my order on Betsy Sue, whom I had grown attached to and had already started shopping for. Her gun rack would be the envy of all who see it, not to mention the cherry wood backing I picked out for the animal heads I was going to have hung.

Such is life.


One Response to “Well I’m Shocked”

  1. Emily. Says:

    So, umm… Congratulations? Or consolations? Is it at least some super cool fancy phone?

    I looked into the Adsense thing a little yesterday, Google is supposed to pay you monthly, either by check or EFT (direct deposit). That might be important. :)

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