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I Was Writing Another Post…

October 29, 2007

But something came up…


PROUD to be a Boston boy!

Harry Potter And The Diversity Seminar

October 23, 2007

J.K. Rowling just about turned the table on the entire literary world.

The other day, Rowling answered a reader’s question while at a reading at Carnegie Hall [right next to where I work!]. One individual questioned Rowling, asking if Dumbledore, the man who trumpeted love to be the most powerful of things to exist, would ever find it himself.

Dumbledore is gay” Rowling answered.

She went on to say that his first love was Grindelwald, a wizard more enticed by the dark arts than anything else. Dumbledore’s interests were not returned, and instead Grindelwald turned towards a life of evil, forcing Dumbledore to end his former love interest’s wrong doing.

I’ve gotten into a lot of conversations yesterday surrounding this subject, and have heard a variety of different points of view. Some people are annoyed, saying what’s the point in revealing this information after all the books have been released. Others are saying why wasn’t it explicitly written in one of the volumes. Then there are some that believe that who cares what sexual orientation, it shouldn’t matter in the least.

Then there are the people who flip their shit and try to ban the books from every library and bookstore from Augusta to Seattle. Because yes. You caught us. This is how we turn you gay. The Velvet Mafia has been paying off Rowling for years with promises of fame and fortune if she’d only make one of her popular characters a homo.

I can understand the different viewpoints on this. If Dumbledore was gay, why not right it in the books? Why not talk about a past boyfriend or his adopted Asian baby? I don’t know about you, but I feel like if this information came across Harry, Ron and Hermione, the whole theme of saving the world from the ultimate evil would become a bit confused. In terms of penning a book about the battle between good and evil, what gets off a single character seems to be a bit cheap and unimportant.

And while I appreciate those who say ‘sexual orientation doesn’t matter’, we all know that isn’t true. If it were, no one would care that half the leading men in Hollywood are gay. Nor would people wonder or care about anyone else’s sexuality for that matter. No, how someone identifies in terms of orientation is still a matter of concern, if not just for those who have to deal with the ignorance of others.

For me, this coming out is more than welcome. It is long past the time where a member of the LGBT community can live their life as a homosexual AND be viewed as a role model for both adults and children.


When considering the portrayals of gays in our media, you’d be hard pressed to find one that can be used as a pillar of morality. Gays typically fall into one, if not more, of a bevy of stereotypes. They could be flamboyant, sexually loose, unable to maintain a relationship or an overly militant ‘freedom fighter’. Rarely is there someone you would want your child to grow up to be.

Then steps up Albus Dumbledore. Viewed as the father figure to Harry, a bastion of good and just to the downtrodden and one of the most cared and adored characters in all of fiction, Dumbledore was no less than a hero. And for him to identify as gay, I believe, is shattering boundaries that were previously unsuccessfully explored.

One of the other reason I love this turn of events is the thought process it could instill in people. For many, when thinking about the stereotypical person, that person is viewed as straight. Straight is the ‘norm’, whereas ‘gay’ deviates from that norm. That is to say, someone has to be identified in some way as gay before they are labeled as such. Until then, they’re assumed straight. Think of it as innocent until proven guilty.

I’m excited to see the backlash this will cause, if only to hear the statements of those dumb enough to let negative words escape them. But at the least, internet, pay attention. it will be interesting to see where this will be heading.

(I’m excited for Fox News clips. HEY! Maybe they’ll get Ann Coulter!)

Guess Who Got Their Laptop Fixed??

October 22, 2007

This guy. Right here.

I had finally scheduled an appointment with Apple’s Genius bar while at work on Friday. I made the appointment for 3 40 the next day, figuring that gave me enough time to watch the TV I wanted to and complete my necessary amount of bumming around.

Once I arrived at Apple, they told me that I had made my appointment for 3 40 AM and not PM. Who knew Apply on 5th Ave was open 24/7?

I did, but I guess I just can’t operate a simple scheduling calendar.

So they set me up for an appointment last night at 7 pm. After about an hour of working things through, Allen, my Mac Genius, fixed everything. We had started the computer up in Safe Mode just in case, so he asked me to empty my trash can just in case so we could continue.

I said that he could go ahead and delete whatever was in there, but he suggested I take a look just in case. I opened up my trash can and took a quick glance at things. Seeing nothing I needed, I scrolled to the bottom, and there it was. Staring at Allen and I like a starved dog in heat.

My porn.

I don’t even remember what was it was, but I know that it had the words ‘mud wrestle’ in it. Without even a moments hesitation, I closed the window and said in a voice that I hope didn’t sound like a man found with one hand on the junk already “YUP! We’re good!”

I’m not sure what Allen saw, but I do know that my computer is back to normal. And if a few moments of awkwardness between me and a complete stranger [centered around my mud porn] is what it takes, then gosh darn it I’m willing to suffer.

Hey, Look Who’s Here!

October 8, 2007

I’m alive.

Also, friends, please stop letting me know how weird slash scary slash odd slash whatever it is that the last time I posted, it was September 11th. This was not planned.

The thing is that my computer is dying. Remember when I spoke about how I was having issues? Well, now I can’t even get back the load screen. It kinda really sucks. I mean, I do work online all day, spending every single second checking email and working on the internet and all that stuff. So sometimes the last thing I want to do when I get home from work is to log onto the internet.

But I seriously hardcore miss it. Not having a computer to fall back upon when my roommate has taken over the living room to watch 7th Heaven is my personal version of hell. Well. Let me be more precise. When my roommate has taken over the living room to watch a MARATHON OF 7th Heaven is my own personal version of hell. Welcome to it. It burns.**

In other news which is relevant to no one but myself, I’ll be traveling this weekend to Las Vegas for a business trip. Yes. A business trip. I have a business trip. How fucked up does that sound? Someone is actually going to put me on a flight, send me to a hotel, and have me meet with people in a professional fashion. Me. John. Not sure if you know, but that’s pretty freaking ridiculous.

I’ll only be there Friday night through Sunday, so if anyone has any suggestions for me, that would be great. I’m going to be in Vegas with two co workers, but I’ll also be visited by Tiffany, who’s driving over from Los Angeles. So any and all suggestions would be welcome. If not, you can meet up with Tiffany and I at the penny slots, sipping on free drinks from the waitresses.

Bring it, Vegas.