Oh Hey, Internet!

I feel like maybe I’ve gone over this situation more than once with all of you, yet here I find myself, explaining away once again.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been in a kind of limbo. Either I’ve been extremely busy being busy, or extremely busy being anything but. In either scenario, I’ve found myself all the sudden saying “It’s WHAT TIME?!”, “I haven’t blogged in HOW LONG?!” or “Where ARE my pants and underwear?!” I’m usually asking myself that last one more often than not, recently, because my friend Kristen has about 3 loads of my laundry sitting in her room, and I’m left with nothing but tightie-whities, carpenter jeans from 98′ and various garments that are embroidered with the words B.U.M. Equipment.

I look snazzy.

To be very honest, I’m not totally comfortable with my situation in my life right now. I’ve been living at home for the longest time ever since before college, and that stress itself is enough to break a back. Add that to the fact that it takes an absurd amount of money to apply for jobs, and you’re left with a very broke John.

So the plan of action, as I see it, is this. Pay off my bills that need some expedient payment [student loans not included…apparently, loan officers are understanding of a recent grad student’s lack of a green support system]. Stash some money in a savings account. Save up. Move out.

I had finished talking with my twin [fraternity wise], who had recently settled herself in New York City via a plan that I myself plan to adopt and put into action. She was hired to her job through a temp service that specializes in her field, and until she gets the money to get on her feet, she’s living with her sister.

Unless any of you wish to board a plucky, high spirited youth on the path to greatness on your couch for a month or so, I hope to be finding a job down in NYC after I have a substantial ‘green support system’. I can only hope that it will be easier once down there [finding a job], rather than having to board a train and risk indescribable humiliation and the possibility of a fracture.

Oh. And Happy Halloween. There’s some old school entries for you.


One Response to “Oh Hey, Internet!”

  1. Joolie Says:

    I love that you describe yourself as plucky and high spirited because it just gave me this very unoriginal but totally fun mental montage of you in knickers saying, “Shine your shoes, guv’nor?” on the streets of New York. Then fade to you dressed in business casual, typing frantically in a cubicle, then to you standing in your corner office surveying your vast real estate holdings. Or whatever you want to be surveying, if real estate isn’t your thing.

    This comment is way too long. Ok, bye.

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