Hey, I’m John. I Don’t Believe We’ve Met…

I’ve really no excuse for the horrendous attempt [read: NO attempt] at blogging for the past week. Other than being busy with work, which is just as comparable to everything I was busy with in school, I should have no problem in getting my posts up for everyone to read. So for that, I apologize.

A lot has happened in the past two weeks. And when I say a lot, I hope you understand that to mean that basically nothing has happened besides a few funny episodes involving some interesting excursions, not to mention the upcoming ones I am very excited about. I won’t write about them now, though I will give you some teasers.

Jury duty in church.

Fat gay cyclists are my admirers.

Syracuse visit.

Halloween in Salem.

So I’ll leave you with those little hints, and you all can just stew in the anticipation of what’s to come. And hell. Maybe I’ll even write about them.

Until then, maybe you all can leave suggestions for what I should be for Halloween. When I was younger, I wasted too much time deciding and ended up being a goblin or orcish creature for three years in a row. The only year I deviated from that was when I couldn’t find green face paint in time, so I stuffed a pillow in my shirt, spread peanut butter and jelly over it and called myself a glutton. So I need a little help, here.

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