Sometimes I Blog While On Break In The Apple Store In The Mall

People have been asking me as of late how the job hunt is going.

Remember the Greek myth of Sisyphus? Where the man was destined to push a boulder up a hill for all eternity, forever seeing his goal but always being kept from it?

Well, that’s me. Only my task is harder than that of Sisyphus only because at the top of the mountain, Sisyphus didn’t have potential employers pissing down the mountain and making him slip and fall.*

Speaking of which, I need to do a lot of laundry when I get home tonight.

*Note to potential employers who may stumble upon this site. Please take into consideration that my middle name is David, whereas my Confirmation name is Facetious. So please, take no offense.

One Response to “Sometimes I Blog While On Break In The Apple Store In The Mall”

  1. Irish Eyes Says:

    today, i was in a card store and i would have bought this birthday card and sent it to you even though it isn’t your birthday. but it was four dollars. please enjoy the message.

    “i know you didn’t want me to make a big deal of your birthday. luckily i got my outie belly button caught in my coat zipper today, so i’m not in a partying mood anyways.”

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