It’s All In The Family

I’m a horrible person. I KNOW. I don’t need to hear it from you all because I’ve been torturing myself about it all this time. I’ll do better, I promise. Things have just been so hectic with my work schedule, I don’t have the energy to try to be creative. Or even to sit down and look at a computer screen.

So that being said, read this. Recently, my mother has been transcribing notes taken by older relatives during their meetings. Apparently, back in 1975 or so, all the married women in the family got together once a month for the ‘Godmother Club’. They spoke about everything from house happenings to politics [one of my great aunts was furious over the bussing issue with the schools and the poor education some children were receiving because they were black. She argued for the bussing of teachers]. Here is a reading.

In lieu of our regular, not so regular, meeting in December, we had our Xmas party at Romi’s Restaurant in Danvers. However, we all met at Sister Chicky’s home to open our surprise packages and have a little Xmas drinky–before we went up to Romi’s.

I rode up to Chicky’s with Sister Tess [remember her?]–who picked me up a half hour late. However, I rode from Chicky’s with Kay B., as I certainly didn’t want to be hauled into the police barracks in my gown as I was riding in a stolen car [my mother has a footnote on this, saying that Aunt Tess had stolen a car?!].

Really. Now things are just getting out of hand. Can you imagine the poor guy–whoever he was–coming out of Church and finding his car gone? Imagine if he had offered to drive some other prayer home? How embarrassing.

Well, enough about crime and punishment. On to Komi’s where we had a great time. The food was excellent and the entertainment was just marvelous. Our waiter, Richard, was the best. Naturally [I wonder if this was a relative of ours?]. The Godmothers out did themselves in the sing-along. I think I can speak for the club and say we all had a very good time–I vote ALL UP TO ROMI’S AGAIN AND SOON!

Incidentally, I had to ride home in the stolen car. And believe me, I was a wreck.

It’s hard to imagine my aunts and cousins, all 30 years younger and out drinking and having the time of their lives. What a shock, no? Can you even picture some of the situations they got into, drunken times they’ve had and [apparently] the number of cars they’ve stolen?

They’re supposed to be cute, little old ladies. Not a bunch of loose lipped boozers into grand theft auto.

On a more personal note, I really enjoyed reading through some of the notes. It makes me realize where some of my love for writing and knack for a good time came from. It’s like my aunts were the first bloggers, and I think that’s a legacy I want to continue. And it makes me feel a bit closer and have more in common with them. And I like that.

Now, I just need to start blogging again.

4 Responses to “It’s All In The Family”

  1. AdirondackJen Says:

    How is the job search going?

  2. Kelicious Says:

    Times were simpler then, i’m sure your Aunt returned the car when she was done with it.

    Keep writing, but no grand theft auto.

  3. leahpeah Says:

    what a rare gift! awesome.

  4. nicole Says:

    Yeah, you really do suck. You need to update more often so that when I’m bored at work I have something new to read. So stop being selfish and think of others instead of wallowing in writer’s block.

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