Wow, You Were Right…Your Head DOES Weigh 8 lbs

I’ve long awaited the day when the hit would finally be put out on that filthy bitch, Jonathan Lipnicki. He’s brought nothing to the table. Sure, Jerry McGuire was kind of good. That was in 1996. But what has he done since then? That shitty movie with him and a dirty rat? Please. I made more money via coinage that falls from my ass in the shower than that waste of film garnered. And he isn’t even cute anymore. He looks like his face is trying to grow over itself in the vain attempt something good will come out of it. Like his head is taking a mulligan, or something.

This is a good thing.

Finally, I’ve got something to do this weekend.


One Response to “Wow, You Were Right…Your Head DOES Weigh 8 lbs”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    This has nothing to do with your post… but last night i was watching reruns of CSI and in one episode the day shift supervisor was being all manipulative and crazy, trying to get the night shift supervisor fired. And all the csi guys were like, why the hell are you an asshole… and the whole time, I’m thinking, why does the asshole seem so familiar?? I figured it out, same exact supervision style as the one and only Paula Dickens.

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