Why Did None Of You TELL ME ABOUT THIS SHOW EARLIER…You And I Aren’t Talking Anymore

I’ve waited a little while to post this, only because it took me so long to get over the SHOCK and UTTER AMAZEMENT.


And you know what? I only started watching the day before the season finale. On Monday, I organized a Grey’s Anatomy party, complete with finger foods and cocktails. The day after seeing the show for the first time. Which leads me to believe that I have much more of an addictive personality than is healthy to have.

Anyways. What. Is going. To happen.

**spoilers ahead**

**and lots of words in caps, too**

Meredith and Derek had sex?! What about Chris O’Donnell and Addison?! Maybe you guys shouldn’t have touched hands while caressing the head of your dead dog. Or hell. Maybe you shouldn’t have OWNED A DOG TOGETHER!

Izzy quit?! And Denny DIED?! AFTER THEY STOLE A HEART FOR HIM FROM ANOTHER PERSON WHO NEEDED IT TO LIVE?! Why don’t we just go out and club a bunch of baby seals while we’re at it, hmm?

Sandra. Fucking. Oh. What in the name of BABY JESUS do you think you’re doing ABANDONING DR. BURKE in his time of NEED! Walk away from him during the apex of his pain? God, you bitch. Someone should slap you right across your cold, uncaring face.

Callie. You NEED to start getting along with George’s friends. No one likes a bitch [take note, Sandra, you callous hearted banshee], so you better shape up because otherwise he’s going to LEAVE your ass. Be NICE to his friends. As his girlfriend, it’s your OBLIGATION to try and get along with your boyfriend’s friends. And not ignore them when they have DOGS DYING FROM CANCER! We all know no one likes an uptight girlfriend. Especially if she’s bigger than her boyfriend. That woman has broader shoulders than an eastern European Olympic wrestler.

Prom? In a hospital? No wonder Denny died. Everyone was doing the electric slide when the blood clot entered his brain. Way to go, asswipes. Next time let’s play Pin the IV on the invalid.

That girl is dying from cancer, and all she can say is ‘At least I’ve been loved’? CHRIST! So brave. Oh so brave.

You may as well just kill me now, because if you don’t I’m just going to dehydrate from crying my eyes out. Praise be to Shonda Rhimes that I have the rest of the summer to recuperate from these three hours of television. Otherwise, you could expect this blog to turn into a daily outlet for my tears and fears.


7 Responses to “Why Did None Of You TELL ME ABOUT THIS SHOW EARLIER…You And I Aren’t Talking Anymore”

  1. Amy Says:

    YOU of all people John were not aware of Grey’s?! What else had you been doing with your Sunday nights from 10-11?!?! Do yourself a favor, rent the first two seasons and anxiously await the release of the 3rd. Nevermind getting a job this summer….catch up on Grey’s!

  2. Flubberwinkle Says:

    Well, there goes your to-do list.

    Btw loved this: “You may as well just kill me now, because if you don’t I’m just going to dehydrate from crying my eyes out.” Absolutely loved it.

  3. Betty. Says:

    oh my god. THANK YOU!

    I watched (for the first time ever) the second to last episode and then MISSED THE SEASON FINALE. I’ve been DYING to know what happened.


    Thank god for spoilers

  4. Irish Eyes Says:

    That’s what you get for not living with us sooner.

  5. The_Scumfrog Says:

    Oh I so talked about Grey’s last semester. Its YOUR fault for not listening.

  6. Julie Says:

    Umm John, You know I love you and your blog, but I’m thinking Sandra’s real name is Christina? Maybe? possibly?

  7. John Says:

    Her REAL name is Sandra Oh. I love her.


    When she’s not leaving people dying by a bullet.


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