Tiffany Said She’d Kidnap This Girl

I’m taking the day off today. This week has been stressful enough, and I just don’t feel the creative urge to create something interesting, humorous or noteworthy. So instead, I’ll give you a link.

Click this.

Every time Tiffany sees this, she collapses in fits of laughter. She isn’t able to withstand the preview in it’s entirety. Actually, truth be told, after she saw it for the first time, she watched it again and again in anticipation of one particular scene. So every time she clicked on the link, she would start giggling. Then, as the scene grew closer and closer, she would start to do that quiet laugh, where the person starts to visibly shake all over, but not make a sound.

If you want to know what scene it is, wait until the father talks about how someone called and left a message on the machine about the ‘little miss sunshine’ competition. Every scene involving the little girl after that is what makes Tiff explode in fits of hysterics.

Jeez. I guess this turned into a post after all.


4 Responses to “Tiffany Said She’d Kidnap This Girl”

  1. Irish Eyes Says:

    Okay this movie looks BRILLIANT and I want to see it WITH Tiffany! Also, let’s talk about how out of control I got today when I had to hold in laughter as a real person standing in front of my desk talking about something as serious as cases of children getting lead poisoning in Ohio said “Come to find out. . .”


  2. Anonymous Says:

    that girl freaking out is the cutest thing i’ve seen in weeks. thank you SO much for that. i’m going to watch it again.

  3. Annie, The Evil Queen Says:

    This looks hysterically funny and I can’t wait to go see it. I’ll hire a babysitter and everything. Looks that good. Thanks for sharing!

  4. tiffany Says:

    july 28th. i’m going to call her agent today to see if i can get her to act in my senior thesis.

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