Just An FYI…

I got an email from an aggravated someone saying that it was heartless of me to make fun of someone based solely upon their appearance, and that I should think twice before I write and publish such a post.

A few things.

Firstly, if you don’t like it, point your browser here, where there are much less offensive posts. I never promised anyone that I would spread love and harmony and happiness. In fact, I prefer discord and mockery. So there.

Secondly, if I get the heebie jeebies from something, I’ll say it. Then make fun of it.

Lastly, would it help you to know that this little bundle of joy is a sexual offender in Ohio? My personal belief is that if you are an inherently bad person, then I can make fun of the way you look until the day I die.

Besides, there’s a song, too. Come on, now. He’s freaky.


One Response to “Just An FYI…”

  1. esther Says:

    amen. your blog is great. i love it.

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