Excuse Me While I Scream Like A Little Girl

Tom DeLay has resigned.

In other news, a flock of pigs has just been seen over Nova Scotia, monkeys have begun to fly out of Richard Simmons butt, and I’ve learned to controlled my powers and can now shed solid gold nuggets while loofahing my back.

That is all. Continue about your day.


3 Responses to “Excuse Me While I Scream Like A Little Girl”

  1. Joolie Says:

    I had to read the headline three times before it sank in.

  2. Amanda Says:

    Seriously — I didn’t realize any of my friends would be as excited about this as I am! Democrats are taking over Congress November 2006!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Just remember to tell the Dems you know to actually vote come November, otherwise the Republicans will remain in power!

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