More Southby…Which Will Be A Recurring Title Till The Day I Die…Or Go There Next Year

One of the experiences that I enjoyed the most from SxSW were the after parties.

By the way. Everyone? Go to SxSW Interactive. We should all go. I paid about $200 bucks for registration, but the amount of free shit I got is mind boggling. Free hat. Free t-shirt. Lots of fun little stuff, like a booklet of stickers, a mini sharpie and other swag stuff. TONS of business cards…I neeeed to email back all these people I met to thank them…and the booze. Jesus himself would have been impressed with the amount of alcohol pulled from the void at this conference. You make up the price of it all via the alcohol itself.

Oh. And I also found where I want to work after graduation. I’m going to the career center for help on my resume and what not on Friday, because that is how much I really want this job. For real real. Homie.

So anyways, one of the best parties I went to was Fray Cafe. Created by Derek Powazek [he’s too hot and fancy for just one site], Fray is where people get together and just tell stories. I have two stories filmed [again…editing is a bitch lover, so expect some video up either Friday or Monday] that I know you will all love. About 200 people or so crowded together to hear story after story, each one as good [if not better] than the previous.

Also. It helped that Eric Rice got up on stage before it all started and said that all drinks would be on Audio Blog for the night. I wish I knew this earlier because I would have gotten drunk enough to get up there myself and tell a story. By the time I had the required 5 rum and cokes to make an ass out of myself, the list to tell a story was enormous.

I think one of my favorite stories told was by a Fray aficionado, Glenda. I won’t go into detail about her entire story, but I will say it involved George Lucas, hanging with his ex-girlfriend, and his apparent Asian fetishes. Highly. Entertaining.

Like I said yesterday, I didn’t take any pictures. However, about ten thousand other people did. If you go to Flickr, you can search SxSW and take a gander. Click here and, uh, here to see some.

Apparently, though, some people felt I was photogenic enough to waste some film. Here I am here [I’ve no idea who that person is in the picture with me slash don’t judge me, I was tired from the car ride] here.

And here are some other fun photos. I tried to paste them into this post, but I guess they are protected from freeloaders, like myself. Stingy.

Red Eyed Fly is so cool. This place is just a huge permanent tent kind of thing to the right of an outside stone porch overlooking a steep hill and some of the city. Very cool.

Glenda up on stage.
Derek telling his story [which you will see soon!].
Eric Rice, our rock star host.


4 Responses to “More Southby…Which Will Be A Recurring Title Till The Day I Die…Or Go There Next Year”

  1. >^,,^< Says:

    Just what is SxSW anyway?

  2. John Says:

    South by Southwest is an AMAZING festival. It’s a three part thing…interactive, film and music. Go to and check it out.

    SO much fun. Check out some of my previous posts to learn more!

  3. Irish Eyes Says:

    I think you look great in the pics.

  4. glenda Says:

    It was a pleasure to meet you as well!

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