You Can Just Call Me John Speilberg From Now On

I know you all want pictures from SxSW.

Well…I don’t know how to tell you all this, really. But I didn’t take any.

I DID take lots of video, though. And I’m slowly working my way through it to piece together little bits of footage for you all. Seriously, editing is fucking hard. Like, tedious and precise hard. It’s almost like Operation, only instead of those convienent little pliers you get in the box, you have to use the jaws of life.

It’s gotten easier to make movies, though, so hopefully the next ones will be better. Until then, please enjoy this little movie I put together. This was the first night in Texas when I went bowling in Ft. Worth [where we stopped for a night before going to Austin].

Many thanks to Lez, who’s grace, skill and thirst for beer made this project possible.

UPDATE: The name of the song playing in the video is Fuego by Bond. Check them out.

5 Responses to “You Can Just Call Me John Speilberg From Now On”

  1. Sandra Dee Says:

    How’d you like Fort Worth? Nice, eh?

  2. nicole Says:

    The music was essential and perfect. Yay for Come to Find Out productions! I’m excited for the rest!

  3. Leslie Says:

    that is such drunken black mail of me. in my defense, ladies and gents, i was definitely intoxicated. and i never go bowling. i have other talents… like um… yeah.

    in all seriousness though, smashing job, kid. twas lovely to meet you that evening & i’m glad you have a swell time at sxsw! i’m forever jealous.

  4. chris Says:

    whats up john! hey i just watched this execellent movie and i was wondering, in the first few trys there sounds like there is a wookie behind you. was there?

  5. Bowling Is Dangerous « Come To Find Out Says:

    […] time I went REAL bowling [as in, bowled full strings rather than stealing someone’s spot when they weren’t quick enough to […]

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