Guess What’s For Dinner!

Tiffany and her family went on vacation over the summer to Nova Scotia. Why, I’ve no clue. I feel like vacationing in Nova Scotia is like plucking nose hairs. Tedious, painful and only necessary if other people deem you vulgar looking.

Anyways, they were unpacking their bags and settling themselves in their hotel room when Tiffany notices this little something…

I don’t know what it is. I don’t WANT to know what it is. All I know is that Alexandra has the best poutine in town, and she’s letting it go for next to nothing. In regular, Italian and Greek. I don’t know if she’s got people working for her, kind of like a temp agency, or if she’s making the rounds herself.

I myself can’t decide which one I would order. I mean, the Greek poutine has some feta cheese on it, but the Italian poutine’s got meat sauce. And I love me some meaty poutine.

Either which way, I hope Alexandra is running a successful business. She should be, serving up a hot piping plate of poutine to most of the people in the province. But one can only hope.
One meaning Alexandra and her meaty poutine.


4 Responses to “Guess What’s For Dinner!”

  1. hemlock Says:

    Now now…Nova Scotia is beautiful!! Then again, if you’re not into nature or drinking great beer at a sweet pub in Halifax, I could understand not wanting to go there.

    Anyhow… ;)

    Poutine = French fries (ahem, freedom fries), with cheese (more specifically, cheese curds) and gravy. It’s friggin awesome and also known as a heart attack in a bowl.

    As for Alexandra…I think she’s probably doing OK.

  2. aka Brandi Says:

    Gawd! That made me laugh out loud! Some poutine with feta sounds pretty skanky indeed.

  3. aka Brandi Says:

    And thanks, BTW, for pointing out how you were a quivering blob of newborn while I was sitting for the SAT…

  4. Annie, The Evil Queen Says:

    I’m shocked to see I’m not the only one who knew what these are. I only know because my best friend married a guy who lives about 3 seconds from Canada and they offered these in the bar we ate in. My girlfriend, Marie Dorothy, when someone asked what they were, announced that they were the townfolk. “A large is $3.50.”

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