Enabling Stalking Is Fun!

I have so many pictures that I want to show all of you that it is just ridiculous. So this week will be PICTURE week! Are you excited? ARE YOU?!


Okay, so when my friends and I go out, we get a little camera happy. But don’t we all? The thing that we do, though, is if we find something we NEED visible proof of, we pose with one another next to those people we find freakish, odd, funky or are just making an ass out of themselves. That way, it LOOKS like we’re taking pictures of friends. But in fact, we are taking a picture of some nut.

This guy had been CRAZY dancing all night at PJ Dorcey’s, a bar downtown. Now, this man wasn’t just crazy dancing…oh no. He was rave, light stick dancing. Hardcore. Seizure-ish-ness. So what did we do but send Kim on over, and TA DA we’ve got some proof. God, I wish it were a video.

After the bar closed, he came up to us outside and asked Are you guys heading to Trex?, which is a gay club that stays open till 4 am, but is sketchy as hell. So we said no thanks, but told him we’d be at Spirits on Thursday, a much safer place. He immediately goes Oh well I’m not gay. Not gay.

Oh. Right. Okay ribbon dancer. Good talk. See you at the gay club.

This we needed to take. There we are, dancing and drinking and enjoying our good time at the bar, when we look up at the TV. Now, PJ Dorcey’s is very much a go out and dance bar. You don’t really sit down here, so it’s a lively place. So watching dogs pick up bricks from the sea floor seemed kind of out of place. Right before this, there was a shark attacking a man. Do these pictures belong at a dance bar? Debatable. Hilarious to see while shaking your ass drunk? Oh yes.

We just gave up the covert-ops, ninja photography skills on this one. This man is fucked up. He was sweating a river. And he kept on falling. And tripping. And sliding down the wall. And being an overall drunken mess. He’s not gonna notice 4 people pointing and laughing and snapping picture after picture. He didn’t even notice the fire alarms. Yes. Fire alarms.

So wasn’t he surprised once the firemen came in. Oh yes. And on Amanda’s birthday night, too! With axes and crowbars and everything. All because some asshat pulled the alarm. To hell if we’re going to leave the bar right when we get there. We just grabbed a drink and watched the action unfold.

Well. Tiffany, Kim and I watched. Amanda went out to meet the firemen.

At the end of many nights, we find ourselves taking a short drive on 690 and getting off at N. Geddes street to stop at the fabulous, 24/7 Doc’s Little Gem Diner. Heaven. On. Earth. The stuff they have there is just incredible. Mouth watering, delicious, cheap and incredible. And sometimes we get to see drunk people come in, order food, then pass out at the counter and get their picture taken like they were a dying, beached whale. This woman must have snapped pictures for at least 10 minutes. Sometimes the man shifted [you could hear our gasps as we waited for him to fall like a ton of bricks], but for the most part, he was quiet. Except for some snores that vibrated like a WMD went off down the block.

We are the ruckus party, ladies and gentlemen. And we love to cause a ruckus.

You can find us at the diner. Drunk, eating hash browns and eggs and sampler appetizer plates, and giggling at people who are probably gigging at us.

Jeez, I posted a lot of photos. Basically all that I loaded on from my new Flickr account. Which, apparently, they only let you upload a small amount of photos every month! Unless I upgrade.


3 Responses to “Enabling Stalking Is Fun!”

  1. untitledhusband Says:

    i think guy in the 3rd pic down is none other than TODD BRIDGES.

  2. Annie, The Evil Queen Says:

    A. It’s not really a birthday party until the firemen show up.

    B. Diner food RULES.

    C. I love that my friends and I arent’t the only ones who send each other into the fray so we can get pictures of crazy people. I have some lovely shots of an old neighbor at a New Year’s Eve party in a gold sequined halter top and a cowboy hat. On purpose. The boys actually danced together so we would have it on record.

  3. Mel Says:

    So glad you shared Little Gem with your blogger friends … the place is truly amazing :)

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