Hangin’ Tough

I’ve been getting into a lot of Listen to this weird dream I had last night conversations recently. For example, Vanessa on my staff dreamed about going to live with fantastic marine life in a tropical cave in Alaska after rowing a boat on rounds throughout the building. These conversations have been drumming up old dreams of mine that I hadn’t thought about in ages.

In this one dream, I’m living in my old house in Winthrop, Massachusetts. I’ve talked about Winthrop before. That’s where my parents practiced their mind games. To this day, they still have a rudimentary knowledge of how I am able to operate and use to their advantage. Oh lord do they use that. But that’s entering into another post.

So I’m in Winthrop, and I’m on the front lawn of our house. The front yard was more of the side yard, because in front of our house was our driveway, and wrapped around our house [kind of like an L shape] was our yard. So there I am, little John Boy, playing with a soccer ball in the side yard right near the sidewalk. But I’m not playing alone. Nope. I’m better than that. At least, in dreams I am.

I was playing soccer with all the members of New Kids On The Block.

Jealous much? Uh huh, I thought so.

So there I am. 1 versus 5. Well. 4 1/2. We all know Donnie was more bark than bite. Wimp.

It was like the freaking World Cup. I was weaving in and out between those fools, making the slalom look like ring around the rosey. Dance around that, you has beens. I owned them.

Then one of them acted like an ass and tripped me. Kicked me right in the shins as I was about to score my ten zillionth goal.

And then I woke up. I woke up from a life where I owned the New Kids. I woke up from a world where I was soccer king, and all others were just spectators in my stadium of supremacy. I woke up from a world where I was able to make Joey McIntyre look more like an ass than his solo album did.

As I sat up in bed, I breathed out a fuck, I was so upset. I think that was my first swear.

No matter. I’m still the boss of you, Donnie. And if you have any problems, just bring it.

4 Responses to “Hangin’ Tough”

  1. hemlock Says:

    A couple months ago I had a dream that I beat Dave Matthews in a foot race.

    Yeah. I kicked his ass.

  2. aka Brandi Says:

    I don’t know what’s more disturbing to me. The fact that you called yourseld “little John Boy” or the fact that you know the names of at least 2 New Kids, leading me to believe you know the name of all New Kids…

  3. Annie, The Evil Queen Says:

    He only knows those New Kid because he was kicking ass and TAKING NAMES in that dream.

  4. Kylark Says:

    Celebrity dreams are so weird! I recently had a dream I was playing foosball against Ross Perot. He was winning, but then I let out a scream like in Run Lola Run and I won the game. Ross gave me a huge wad of cash then sat down on a bench to mope. I felt bad for him and told him we could play another game if he liked, like maybe trivia or something.

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