What A Way To Start The Day

Whenever I have to wake up early, I always set my alarm to go off one or two times before I have to actually get up. I have an issue with saying to myself No, it’s okay. I can just lie here for a few more minutes with my eyes closed. There’s no way I’ll fall asleep. Just a few minutes…

Next thing I know, it’s 1 in the afternoon and the seasons have changed.

So last night I ended staying up till 5 am when I KNEW I had to wake up at 9 for work at 10. I don’t know WHY I decided to stay up so late, especially when I KNOW I’ll be so tired in the morning.

Okay, I lied. I stayed up late because I was playing video games. It was a really good part where I had to destroy a factory that was producing soldier clones for Apocalypse’s army. I couldn’t just QUIT.

So anyways, I wake up at three different times this morning. 9, 9 20 and finally at 9 40. The first thing I always do when I get up, no matter if I’m on time, early or late, is check my email. It’s one of my compulsive habits that I have to follow, like when I bite my fingernails, the other finger on the other hand has to be bitten too. If it’s not long enough to be bitten down, I’ll wait for it to grow.

I keep getting off track. Don’t let me DO that.

So I stumble over to my computer, and I have an IM from Courtney that just says You’ll soon have a little present in your inbox. What that meant, I had no idea. But presents in the morning? YES please.

Mind you, I’m still groggy and tired from my battles with Apocalypse’s army.

So I open up my email and I have two PDF attachments. And after very little sleep [in which I ate two chocolate chip cookies and a glass of iced tea…if I’m ever going to get into shape I NEED to stop eating in my sleep] I open up Courtney’s files [that sounds like geek sex talk].

You know how in Pulp Fiction when Uma Thurman overdoses on coke and they need to stab her in the chest with a needle in order to jump start her heart and bring her back to life and she is jerked back upright?

That’s pretty much exactly how I felt when I opened this.

I did not expect that. At all.

If you want to read the accompanying article, click here*. Thanks, Courtney!

*You may have to save the picture and then enlarge it.

4 Responses to “What A Way To Start The Day”

  1. Irish Eyes Says:

    John I hate to tell you sleep eating is an actual disorder. You better lock up your nutrition.

  2. John Says:

    I think its just that I loved the chocolate chip cookies so much. And the green tea. Which is high in anti oxidants and good for you.

    Mmmm….chocolate chip cookies and green tea.


  3. Kelicious Says:


  4. Sandra Dee Says:

    Wow. That guy’s picture scared the pee out of me.

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