I’m Random

There have been a lot of little things on my mind recently that I just haven’t been able to put into full posting glory. You probably all have had the same problem. You find something fun, interesting, or just noteworthy but for the life of you, it’s impossible to make it a full post. Or even one worth reading.

So fuck it. I’m just putting all my random thoughts down right now, and combined, they will make up a homemade quilted post. Isn’t that nice? Yah, I know.

*Joan Rivers is going to turn 73 this June. If that isn’t fucked up in every single which way imaginable, then I don’t know what is. Her whole body can’t be done in plastic surgery, can it? CAN IT?! So does that mean she has saggy wrinkly parts, and then, all of the sudden, there are solid young looking parts? Can you imagine what that would look like? It’s like putting together a leathery old baseball mitt and a linoleum counter top.

*I talked about Tom Cruise and how he is crazy as hell [maybe he has syphilis?] a few months ago. Then I got reminded about him and how, if he could, he’d raise a baby as the antichrist [scientology…come on, now], ditch his human wife and begin to kill people.

*When I told you how to say fuck in sign language, apparently I was not specific enough. There are TONS of signs for the word. The plain old regular fuck is holding up the peace sign with both hands, then bumping thumbs together. The two fingers on each hand are supposed to represent the legs.

The one I taught you still means fuck. Only a little more descriptive. It actually means butt fuck. This is a classy blog.

*I have 3 or 4 random hairs that grow on my back. Different than all the others. I don’t have a hairy back at ALL, but everyone has a little fuzz. Right? RIGHT?! But I get these random long hairs. They bother me.

*I love it that TNT plays the X-Files late at night when I’m either writing or doing homework. What a great show. Fox and Scully are hot for two reasons. Firstly, their names. Who wouldn’t want to make out with a Fox or Scully? Secondly, they are just hot. Good. Old. Fashioned. Hot.

Also, just this very moment, Fox was in the Syracuse airport, otherwise known as Hancock [not so] International Airport. So cool.

*Happy Pulsing Pimple Day. This verifies everything I have ever believed. Thanks to my staff members for showing me this and zefrank for making it.

*I hate you, Santino. With the fury of a thousand hells, I hate you.

There. Now pretty much everything that has been on my mind but not been able to leak out has finally found it’s way to text. And I feel SO much better.


2 Responses to “I’m Random”

  1. lefty_grrrl Says:

    Fox is the first name of Fox Mulder. Dana is the first name of Dana Scully. Not as hot. (Sorry if your name is Dana and I have offended you. But your name is Dana.)

    Also, those hairs? There will be more. Ask me about my increasingly hairy boyfriend.

  2. Melanhead Says:

    Melissa Rivers must have the same plastic surgeon(s). I mean, come on.

    But please riddle me this. Why is Chronicles of Riddick ALWAYS on Cinemax? And why does my husband ALWAYS watch it when it’s on???

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