Gratuity Can Be Shown In The Form Of A Ferocious Sexual Appetite

Whenever I write, I try to do the next day’s post the day before. So usually, what you are reading, I’ve written during the previous afternoon. Not always, mind you, but most of the time. It means that when I get home from all my meetings, projects, classes and activities, I just have to sit down, and at 12:01 am, hit Publish Post and I’m set.

Yesterday, I must have gone back and reread and gave second, third, fourth and fifth thoughts about publishing that post, I probably have set in motion a mild case of macular degeneration. I didn’t end up publishing till much later in the night. But I’m glad I did.

I was talking to Courtney yesterday about it, and she said she was shocked at how many people commented and gave actual, thought out advice on the situation. Free therapy, she called it. She would even randomly IM me to say Look at what So-n-So said…that there’s some good advice. Thanks, Courtney. PS why have you never ever commented on the blog? Hmm?

I myself am very thankful for all your comments. It’s a perfect example of how inherently good people can be. So I just wanted to let you all know I appreciate your support and candor in this matter. It made my day.

In other less serious news, I had my sign language class again last night. Our teacher sung us a song and we signed along with her. The song was about how on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc. children realize how hungry they are. So they pick a food, and they sing about eating it on that day. Then the chorus comes up, and it goes something like Are all the little children hungry hungry?! Eat it up! Eat it up!

It’d be cute if it weren’t for the fact that American Sign Language tends to like to get people to embarrass themselves by accident. The sign for hungry is taking both hands, forming the letter C with them, and moving both hands from the throat to the belly. However, don’t you DARE stop at the sternum. Because that, ladies and gentlemen, means passion.

Sexual passion.

Are all the little children sexually passionate sexually passionate?! Eat it up! Eat it up!

PS…this is my 100th post. What a great way to start the month! Thanks for reading!


6 Responses to “Gratuity Can Be Shown In The Form Of A Ferocious Sexual Appetite”

  1. Bridie Says:

    You’re too hot to be sad any longer! ; ) Courtney, you rock.

  2. Flubberwinkle Says:

    Happy 100th blogs! Thanks for the great posts and the free sign language lessons!

  3. Kelicious Says:

    Even when you’re down, you crack me up.

  4. Tink Says:

    I used to volunteer at a deaf and blind school. I worked with 1st and 2nd graders. Talk about eye strain. Their little fingers moved so f’n fast! It’s a great language to learn though. Especially for me. I’m Italian and use my hands a lot anyway. At least they move with a purpose. :)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    i love reading this.
    i love all of these posts.
    i read them everyday.

    it helps remind me that there are good people out there.
    thank you.

  6. emily Says:

    i LOVE learning sign language from you… it’s so HELPFUL

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