Because It Made Me Laugh, And, In The End, Isn’t That Most Important?

What do you get when you add college students, beer, no school and ridiculous party games together?

Conversations like this.

Wait…what was I talking about before?
Oh yea! Anyways…

She’s so loose it’s like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

That was the night we played hide and go seek and Ben jumped out the window.
Wait, was that the night of us invading the frat house?
No, that was the next day. When you and Ben got high and ran through campus with the pizza we just got.


3 Responses to “Because It Made Me Laugh, And, In The End, Isn’t That Most Important?”

  1. Melanhead Says:

    You must eavesdrop on my husband, because he’s always saying that hot dog comment. Of course, it is not in reference to me, or to anyone else. He just likes the attention it garners when he suddenly says it out loud to a group of friends.

  2. V-Grrrl Says:

    Yeah, women have our own version of that: “He’s so small, it’s like being handed a vienna sausage for dinner when you really want a hoagie.”

    Right, Melanhead? We say that ALL the time. ; )

    My college conversations went something like: Was that the time they snuck into barracks and Mark taught us to dance the Carolina Shag or was that the time we got in through the bathroom window and they thought that meant we wanted to shag? Whatever!

  3. #1 Dancer Says:

    Mel, Don’t forget that yours and mine always follow the hot dog comment with, “Or swinging a bat in a barrel!!”
    Men never grow up. Enjoy it, John…

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