Reason #234 Why I Hate Vacation

Getting a job so I can have something to do with my time, which entails selling the same t-shirt and fleece pull-over hour after hour while listening to the music that normally I would love, except being in the store, on my feet, for 12 hours straight [7:30 am to 7:30 pm] makes the songs become so ridiculous and overplayed, that you want to strangle a customer with that nice camisole that everyone seems so damn interested in touching, unfolding, then wiping their ass with before they throw it back with the men’s courdoroys, then pop a squat and take a dump in the fitting rooms because that is the nearest I will come to a bathroom or privacy.

8 Responses to “Reason #234 Why I Hate Vacation”

  1. V-Grrrl Says:

    Long ago, in a land far away, I worked in a full service shoe store. Not only did we have to keep the back room stock perfectly organized by size and width and move bajillions of boxes of shoes every time we got a new shipment in, I also had to kneel in front of customers with malformed, crusty feet and help them get the shoes on. UGH!

  2. Kel in Texas Says:

    I’m there with you man. I worked at the GAP all through college. People would shove shit in the denim wall all the time. Cups, food wrappers, dirty diapers! You come to hate the general public.

    Revenge: Suggest clothes that are a size to small. Then comment on how fat they look in that.

    Side note: I still can’t go into a store with out trying to fold something or straight out the hangers.

  3. Melanhead Says:

    You’re in Abercrombie and Fitch, aren’t you?

  4. Brooke Says:

    I was JUST going to say that, Mel!

  5. Melanhead Says:

    UCLA minds think alike.

  6. emily Says:

    wow… you’ve got me all nostalgic for my retail days…

  7. Anonymous Says:

    go there… it’ll scare you

  8. Flubberwinkle Says:

    I can’t understand people who treat salespeople like their own personal servants.
    I have seen people take out things from their carts and just leave it on any rack they find, e.g. yogurt at the children’s wear section etc. I (a customer as well) complained to another customer who did this (right in front of my eyes) and got this insulting remark: “What do you care? They’re paid to put things in their place anyway”. I started with “What if you were in their place and found this sh*t, how would you feel?” I got so angry that I called the manager and demanded that this customer be reprimanded. The manager smiled meekly and thanked me for my concern but it was no big deal.
    OK, sure the other salespeople smiled sympathetically at me and the battle was lost. But at least I showed both customers and shopworkers that we are NOT ALL PIGS, WE CARE ABOUT OTHERS, RESPECT THE COMMON LAWS OF DECENCY!!!
    I cannot go into a store, pick up a piece of clothing and not put it back neatly folded. I never allow a shoe salesperson to kneel down and put on my shoes for me. It’s just not right.
    Sorry for ranting…

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