Reason #174 Why I Love Vacation

Waking up for work yesterday only to receive a phone call from my boss saying he can’t train me until tomorrow, so I can have the day off, which is comprised of me staying in my bed until 4 pm blogging, napping, talking to one of my favorite designers slash friends, Courtney, getting an old Tegan and Sara CD, and listening to music. All while butt ass naked.


7 Responses to “Reason #174 Why I Love Vacation”

  1. V-Grrrl Says:

    Naked blogging? Oh my!

  2. Brooke Says:

    Hmph…and in all that naked time, SOMEBODY never comments on my blog anymore.

    I’m hurt. HURT, I tell you.


  3. Brooke's M-I-L Says:

    And when I comment on John’s blog it gets deleted :-(

  4. V-Grrrl Says:

    Forget John’s naked ass–here’s a TRUE stolen penguin story:

  5. John Says:

    Oh Brooke’s MIL!!! I didn’t delete it on purpose! I think there was a double post, so I deleted an extra comment, cuz it was posted twice. I’m sorry.

    For future reference, I only delete double comments. Never ones I don’t agree with. So slam me all day if you want!

    Wait. That doesn’t sound right…

  6. Nicole Says:

    As someone who knows what you look like, I’d like to complain that you tell too many naked stories. Just throwing that out there.

  7. V-Grrrl Says:

    Aren’t the Crabby Christmas Crones slamming you enough already?


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