Blogosphere Holiday?

So I was debating all day on to whether or not to post this post. I finally decided yes, because the other idea I had for a post wasn’t as fleshed out as I wanted it to be. So here is what I spent a lot of yesterday and most of today thinking about.

Let’s do something fun for the holiday season slash new year. And when I say Let’s, I mean the blogosphere as a whole. So this will entail all of you telling your friends about this idea so it can be a successful one. Here we go.

I am an RA at the school I go to. Yesterday, I started a Fall Friend event with the kids on my floor. They all randomly pick someone on the floor and do little special things for them up until Thanksgiving break. Whether it be a small present, a little note, or some candy, they will give their Fall Friend a gift every so often, but they will remain anonymous until the Fall Friend Fiesta, which takes place the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

So I thought, how fun would it be if the blogosphere did that? Everyone that wants to participate would send their name in [to me, I guess] and you would soon thereafter receive your Winter Wonder Pal. Then, you would send them a gift sometime around the new year [not Christmas…we want to be inclusive, people] and hopefully make a new friend in the process!

What does everyone think? Would this be something we could get a lot of people involved in? Something that people would commit to? You would get a random person, and send away a gift to them, meanwhile you would get a random gift from someone else!

Comments, people, and spread this. I’d love for tons of people to get involved.


13 Responses to “Blogosphere Holiday?”

  1. emily Says:

    are we talking an internet friendly holiday gift or a real world friendly gift? i guess what i’m getting at is, does this include giving this random person your real live name and address?

  2. John Says:

    Well, what I was thinking is this. We could do PO boxes. Because I know people who post their addresses [aka dooce, for example] actually use a PO box.

    OR…we could set up something where we have an online account…paypal, amazon, best buy or something….and I’m sure there must be a way to do a wishlist thing where someone buys something for someone online, and it gets sent to their address…no worry on the part of the shipper.

    It’s just a random idea that shot through my head. And I know more bloggers are reading this, so give some feedback!

  3. V-Grrrl Says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while but didn’t think I could leave comments because I didn’t have a username/password or use Blogger. I’m glad I finally got with the program. DUH!

    Back to the topic at hand: I think in the spirit of the blogosphere, instead of sending physical gifts, we should send virtual ones several times a week. Quotes, jokes, links to our favorite sites or pages, something like that. The last “gift” could be our URL.


  4. John Says:

    I think that is a great idea! There must be little things that you can send electronically that can make for great gifts. And, in order to keep the anonymity, we could get temporary email accounts for the specifc purpose!

    I think I need to sit down and question myself as to why I am so excited by all of this.

  5. Flubberwinkle Says:

    This is a very thoughful & innovative idea, but I’m sure most of us are wary of handing out personal info (addresses, even names). I, personally, could do without the physical bother of searching for a “suitable” gift for a random someone “out there” or setting up a PO box. I think that those of us who have become frequent visitors on each other’s blogs have found small gifts in disguise already. We just keep doing what we’re doing: sharing our emotions, thoughts and experiences. What better gift than to say: “Hey, I like your blog!”

    Flubberwinkle aka Athena
    P.S. Your heart’s in it that’s why you’re excited!

  6. G/\R*E Says:

    Hi John, I’m Gary. Emily & Brookes real life friend. I really don’t blog much do to my crazy ass schedule, but I am very involved with reading everyone’s blogs and commenting.

    I was reading Emily’s blog today and it said to come meet you, so nice to meet you. I like the things you blog about, you fit right in with our crazy group of bloggers.

    I think your gift thing is a pretty good idea, I personally could give a crap who has my address but unfortunately bad things happen out there and most of us would rather not. I’m up to whatever other suggestions come through, and I’ll be ready to force Emily and Brooke to participate.

    Well, nice to meet you. I’ll Be reading.

  7. Brooke Says:

    No forcing needed Gar. I obviously have the same concerns as others, and it looks as though it may end up being all of us who already know each other in real life as the participants (how funny would that be?!). But I’m up for it, however we work out the retaining of anonymity details.

  8. John Says:

    Hi All,

    Okay I’m hardcore thinking about things. Do we do an email online type thing, nothing tangible? Because it is neat, in the spirit of the blogosphere, to do something electronic.

    But I like presents too…

    OR this just occured to me…what about somehow having an online fundraiser and having the money go to something? Something global, because there are readers from all over the world…


  9. emily Says:

    i like it.

    that’s all i’m giving you because i don’t want to impare your creative rights.

    and i don’t have any ideas other than “i like it.”

    that would be a non-specific “i like it” as in whatever you decide i’m up for.

    (can you tell i really don’t like making decisions?)

  10. Brooke Says:

    I always approve of fund-raising. Whatever you think best…it’s your idea and you get to dictate. Well, unless it’s to “Aryan Nation Members for the Right To Kill Animals” or something. But I don’t think that’ll be the case.

  11. emily Says:

    just to let you know i adamently refuse to support Breast Cancer, Heart Disease, PETA and GLAAD. I’ll probably be ok with any other charity assuming it doesn’t have anything to do with health care, human/animals rights, or helping the needy. Something very religious, denominational, and with little or no support would be my preference.

    you just did this so you’d feel validated by the mass emailing of comment notifications, huh?

  12. Brooke Says:

    Oh good god…everyone DOES know she’s kidding, right?

    (How many times do I have to explain the Emilyness that is Emily?)

  13. emily Says:

    gee… i thought it might be slightly OBVIOUS considering i threw in GLAAD which might be seen as a slight contradiction to not only my url, but my blog title, and latest post.

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