You know how crazy shit can happen on Halloween, and because it is Halloween it is excused and written off? From big things, like dressing up in costume to work or school while carrying a bloody knife, to the little things, like hanging fake corpses all over your house and lawn for children who want some candy. If someone ever confronted you about that, you could just say Well it’s Halloween! and that would be that. But if you did any of those things any other day, you would be labeled an idiot.

Even on Halloween, though, there are some things that make you wonder What were they thinking?

Take a look at this. These people from Lexington, Kentucky [mind you, Kentucky] block off the streets every Halloween and do this.



My friend Courtney told me about this amazing music video. Much better than the fake Thriller of the south. The singer’s name is Sia, and it is a music video made of over 2,500 polaroid stills. Incredible.


2 Responses to “Crazy/Beautiful”

  1. i'm just sayin' Says:

    damn, that’s some good stuff!

    enjoying your blog – keep writing!

  2. Agent Smelvin Says:

    that was a pretty sweet video. you should try to find a clip of the ghostbuster car driving down the streets of Rocky River.

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